Lakewood Store Issues Statement Following Report Of Improperly Pasteurized Milk


The following statement was given to YWN by NPGS in Lakewood on behalf of the dairy plant supervisors following the story regarding improperly pasteurized milk:

“The State of NJ has been in the plant for a few days last week. They went through the whole plant, they opened every single connection. Everything tested perfect with no health concerns at all.

The State asked for the voluntary recall, and the plant complied voluntarily with the request, just to be 100% certain that no one of it’s customers would even have the slightest chance of an issue.

The public’s safety is of utmost concern at Mountain Fresh Dairy.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. For those not from Lakewood, should we assume this dairy is a major provider of chalav yisroel and that is why this story is being covered??

  2. of course it is and i for one am sick of it all – why such big headlines on Lakewood why didn’t you guys cover the other drug bust. the media is fully responsible for anti-semetisim – once you guys learn to know how not to incite riots we will all be at peace.