VIDEO: Israel Responds To UNESECO Decision By Directing Funds To Hebron



Following UNESCO Hebron Decision: PM Netanyahu Decides to Cut Israel’s UN dues by an additional $1 million and to use funds to bolster Jewish heritage projects in Hebron and Kiryat Arba

Following the resolution passed by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee regarding the Ma’aras HaMachpelah, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday 13 Tammuz, decided to cut an additional $1 million from the membership funds that Israel pays to the UN and to transfer it to the establishment of “The Museum of the Heritage of the Jewish People in Kiryat Arba and Hebron” and to additional heritage projects related to Hebron.

“Against UNESCO’s denial of the past, Prime Minister Netanyahu is determined to present to the entire world the historic truth and the Jewish People’s deep connection – of thousands of years – to Hebron” the PM Bureau statement reads.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Bibi is a looser.
    Instead of taking all the money and build more housing for Jews in Yehuda and Shomron, he is busy doing symbolic things which no one cares about and sounds good on the media.

    It makes him feel that he is doing something. Only fools are fooled by his empty words and actions!

  2. I am not surprised that this stupid idea comes from the mouth of the one who gave Hebron to PLO in the first place in 1997. Museums represent the past, you should invest these money into building new yeshiva in Hebron that represents the future..

  3. Netanyahu also needs to tell the military commanders to allow the Jews to live in the houses they purchased around the Machpela ;that’s a better signal to UNESCO that the Machpela is the burial place of OUR ancestors.

  4. UNESCO made the right and logical decision. From UN’s point of view they gave HaMachpelah to the group that it belongs to. After all which group claims proudly and consistently ownership of HaMachpelah and Hebron? It is PLO and Muslims, not the “State” of Israel. Have you heard any word from Bibi or other Israeli “leaders” about ownership of Hebron and HaMachpelah?