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An Appeal For Kiddush Hashem This Summer


I would like to inform those that vacation in the Catskills of the “Summer 2012 appeal”. This is not an appeal for a family, a specific person, or organization but rather a cause. That cause is Kiddush Hashem.

Many people do not realize that for 10 months a year the Catskill Mountains is a quiet peaceful and clean environment. Traffic jams are unheard of and the roadways are clear of pedestrians. Long lines in stores are virtually non-existent.

Then comes memorial day and the entire scenery changes. Pickup trucks are replaced with Honda Odyssey’s, empty roadways and shops become hustling and bustling with shoppers and children of all ages.

Route 42 on erev Shabbos transforms into 13th avenue as people are getting their last minute items L’kovod Shabbos.

Lines in stores like Shoprite and Wal-mart resemble Pomegranate or Goldbergs.

To those of us living in Brooklyn this seems perfectly normal. However if you live in the country all year this becomes a ‘Tircha’.

True everyone is entitled to come and vacation in the mountains, however we should realize that we are doing just that. We are guests, and those whose reside upstate all year are our hosts.

The least we can do is show our gracious hosts some courtesy. It may not seem like such a big deal, but greeting a store keeper, thanking a cashier, letting someone who is a year round resident go ahead of you in line can have a tremendous positive impact and display of Hakoras Hatov.


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  1. Please make a Kiddush Hashem. I live here all year. When the Satmar Rebbe zya was walking in the street in Williamsburg his gabbai once aked a goy to step out of the way. The Rebbe told the gabbai “why did you do that? It is his street!”. We are in galus and must remember that fact. Just have a smile and say please and thank you, and have a nice day. You dont know what it can do. We know a very frum and chashuva giyores who started looking into yiddishkeit because a chassidishe lady was nice to her on a subway. A kiddus Hashem can ofshtel yiddishe doros

  2. And to mention . . .

    1. Drive like a mensch . . . at the speed limit . . . and don’t do shtick like driving non-stop through corner parking lots to avoid stoplights. Don’t tailgate.

    2. Don’t drop your trash wherever you are. Use the trash can. Sullivan County is NOT Brooklyn (Thanks G-d).

    3. Be ehrlich always.

    4. Enjoy your summer.

  3. And the All-Year residence of Sullivan county should also remember that they make a nice living from the Summer vacationers

  4. The summer residents of the Catskills are no more guests there than the all year residents. Both are residents, not guests. Both summer residents AND year round residents, whether they rent or own (year round or summer), pay taxes and are fully entitled to Catskill services.

  5. An appeal for Kiddush Hashem daily:

    The streets and avenues of our neighborhoods are littered with garbage and candy wrappers…all year round. Please teach your kids to pick up after themselves or pick it up yourself. Why should our streets be so dirty and an eye sore?

    Thank you. Enjoy your summer.

    A boro park resident.

  6. #2 You can make your point, without bashing a community.

    It is very offensive.

    You should have ended with “Use the trash can.”

    Not every single person in Brooklyn drops trash wherever he is.

  7. Beautiful article. I really hope it works. In case it doesn’t, I refer readers to some of the “Jews go home” bumper stickers that have been seen on some of the pick-up trucks parked in the area…

  8. Great article. All this would come more naturally if it were internalized and practiced in the streets of Brooklyn as well. What a kiddush Hashem that would be!!!

  9. Why do New Yorkers always bring up the same argument, we spend so much money up there in the summer… like that buys you entitlement to act like a I dont know what. You have a Torah and values, use them to live among goyim for the summer, to make a kiddush Hashem, or stay in Brooklyn.

  10. JaneDoe…. please give #2 a break. For out of towners Brooklyn does appear to have a significant amount of garbage on the streets. This goes without insulting anyone or any particular group.

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