WATCH: DFM Hotevely During Her Visit In N’vei Tzuf: I Call On The International Community To Pressure The PA To Stop Incitement



Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotevely made a shiva visit to the Solomon Family in N’vei Tzuf on Sunday, 29 Tammuz and she appeals to the international community: “It is a mistake to compare this bloody massacre in N’vei Tzuf, which was the direct result of rampant incitement, to the security measures taken by Israel on Har Habayis.”

“Whereas the massacre of the Solomon family is a direct result of incitement by the Palestinian authority, Israel’s security measures on Har Habayis were taken to maintain the safety and security of visitors to the holy site. In this case, Israeli actions were made necessary due to the bloody terror attack that took the life of two Israeli policemen. We are witness to the pattern of vicious murder by the hands of Palestinians for the past century and instead of hearing condemnation from the Palestinian leadership we hear praise from the parents who raise monsters. The international community must intensify their efforts to pressure the Palestinian Authority to call for a stop to the violence instead of demanding that Israel removes security measures.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)