VIDEO: Neturei Karta Participates In Times Square Rally Against Israel On Shabbos



Neturei Karta members attended a Shabbos rally in Times Square to protest Israeli aggression on al-Aqsa. They actually walked from Williamsburg to Times Square to take part in the event on Saturday, July 22nd.

They protested “the recent Israeli attacking the Al-Aqsa”.

Organizers of the protest announced, “Due to the religious restriction of the Jewish Sabbath, the Rabbis where walking in in a hot weather of over 91′ degrees, all the way from the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, through the Williamsburg bridge, a walk of about two hours but cannot speak on the microphone”. However, their message to supporters was read.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So let’s learn something positive from this. It just shows us that when a person has a strong desire to do something, no difficulty stands in his way. So too we should adhere to Torah and mitzvos and learn Torah with great hasmadah even at difficult times, because if we really want to we can.

  2. Bibi and these neuturei kartaniks are BOTH misgarus baumos when bibi goes down to Washington to speak in congress and when these people call attention to the mm selves it’s all the same c

  3. Is it permitted to carry a sign from williamsburg to manhattan on the Holy day of Shabbos.
    If you look closely at their faces, some of them do not even look Jewish. Growing a beard and putting on a shtreimel does not make you Jewish.

  4. “Rabbis”… Laughable… What even makes them Jewish? Their Shtreimels and beards? These people are not part of the Am Hanivchar. They are Ochrei Yisrael. They were put into Cherem long ago.

  5. What is the point of reporting this? They don`t represent any significant group and are just a small number of misguided clowns looking for the attention you are giving them. All this report will accomplish is to generate the same biased comments from people who have an ax to grind against all “chareidim”. You may as well just copy all the comments from the previous similar report. They will undoubtedly be almost exactly the same.

  6. It’s interesting that no one has any comments on this (besides me). I guess the autrocity speaks for itself and there’s nothing more to add. One thing I will say is nebach nebach nebach 😪

  7. These people, misguided as they are, have conviction, for which they are willing to walk a ling difficult trek in sweltering hot weather. So that is a lesson in the power of conviction. If we can learn from an ant not be be lazy, we can learn from these people the power of conviction. Let’s channel that correctly, and do the right things with tremendous stamina and conviction.

  8. Some people just don’t get it. What the Zionim are doing is a disgrace and is giving Jews all over the world a bad name.
    Zionisim is the biggest cause of Anti Semitism in the world and that’s the way they want it. this will bring more Jews to move to Eretz Israel. It’s very clear in the Gemara what Hashem does not want us to do. The punishment is also clear and that’s exactly whats happening to us now.

  9. Leviyitz70,
    You have made some broad statements here. Can you please explain them.

    1. Antisemitism has been around much before Zionism. Why do you say that Zionisim is the biggest cause of Anti Semitism in the world?

    2. What punishment does The Gemara say which is happening to us now?

    3. Even if all you say is correct, does that mean that the enemies of Israel are doing it leshaim shomayim? They want to kill Jews, don’t they? If we support them, we are supporting Jewish bloodshed r”l. If we try to give over a message to fellow Jews, that’s one thing. But to support those barbarians? They don’t get the message that we are waiting for Moshiach. We don’t tell them that because that will anger them just as much. So the only message they get is that there are Jews who are happy for them to fight and kill other Jews. The sarmarer Rebbe Z”L did not agree with this approach at all. This is an approach with no Torah leadership.

  10. Ho hum, another pointless NK noise making session. I still can’t figure out why a handful of nobodies elicits such vehement condemnation. Yet, much of the Israeli left, and their American counterparts, such as J Street, who make the very same claims as NK, are somehow never condemned on this website. These leftists are much more influential and dangerous than this handful of NK noisemakers. Many of these lefties sit in the Israeli knesset.
    Why is a gang of nobodies consistently savaged on YWN and even more so by the commenters, but when well-connected and funded left-wingers and their organizations hold rallies, send out petitions to Congressmen, nary a peep is heard. Only the NK gang is retarded and traitorous, and will merit a special place in gehennom? But, their secular counterparts — who make the same claims as NK — are tzaddikim whom we may not ever criticize? Why the double standard?