Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: We Won’t Permit Israel To Become LGBT’istan


Speaking to Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on Wednesday, 3 Av, HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Tzefas, addressed ongoing efforts to permit toeiva couples to adopt children, which has been prohibited by law until now.

YWN-ISRAEL reported that Welfare Minister Chaim Katz has petitioned the High Court in favor of permitting toeiva couples to adopt, and the nation’s social workers organization has stated if a couple meets the criteria, it too would not oppose such an arrangement R”L.

Rav Eliyahu told Army Radio of the value of family life, stating “To call this sick would be an understatement and it has to treated be fixed”.

Responding to the rabbi’s statements was MK (Kulanu) Merav Ben-Ari, expressing outrage over the rav’s position. She explained her daughter has a father who is a member of the toeiva community, and she is proud of who they are.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Toieva coupIes.
    How about the vast majority of secular Israeli Jews who violate Taharsas hamishpacha. Maybe we should refer to them as Tumah couples. Come on. Let’s be a little more sanitized.

  2. “She explained her daughter has a father who is a member of the toeiva community, and she is proud of who they are.”
    So the father use to be straight and became a member Sedom community because it became accepted as normal, so now they want everyone to accept it as a norm, so liberal of them!

  3. The צפת chief Rabbi is so correct on this one, as is President Trump for banishing transgenders from the army. These 2 wonderful individuals fully comprehend the filth & nonsense of lgbt and of transgender.

  4. As long as Israelis worship the USA as the golden medina, they will try to ape their perverted value system.

    What really needs to be done is to instill pride in being Jewish and pride in living Jewishly and not to take on the Western value system.

  5. The fact of the matter is that this issue will be decided by the Israeli high court. And the judges on that court believe that the rule of law that they must follow is the one of democracy. And since the courts of all western countries have all ruled that a law that does not allow such couples to adopt makes no logical sense, that it makes no difference to a child whether he has a mother or 2 fathers, the sole reason for such a law is discrimination.
    And so there is zero doubt that the issue before the Israeli court will not be whether a child has any benefit from having a mother or not. Their sole concern will be whether they will appear “backward’ if they do not rule the same as all other western courts. And this is not simply because the court cares about their own “reputation” in the western world. It is because the criticism they care about is that which comes from the secular ashkanazi elite, and they care not a wit as to criticism that is directed at them from the religious community. Therefore the matter is as good as settled as far as what the law will be.
    In fact there is a much bigger issue at stake here. And that is that Israel recognizes marriages that are performed in other countries. And so its only a matter of time before one of these types of couples will sue in court that their ‘marriage” be recognized by Israel, just as they are in just about every western country.

  6. faithandreason ,
    Drop the nefarious agenda
    One is of 7 Mitzvos ,the other isn’t
    One Is chiyuv sekilla the other is ‘only’ kareis
    One is poretz geder the other isn’t

  7. baishatalmuder,
    In Israell there is supremacy of parliament which the Coalition could override the court
    Plus ,as we write ,there is Bill which hopefully will oblige the court to follow
    Jewish tradition

  8. faithandreason,
    A rabbi is defending the Basic tenets ,and you choose to stand on the side
    As the Kotzker said” Better a sinner who is aware that he/she is a wretched wholesale sinner,than a sinner who presumes him/herself to be OK ”

    This directive is especially relevant now that the movement to celebrate relationships called “To’aiva” (“abomination”) by the Torah (aka:
    mishkav zachar), is gaining predominance, and eroding society’s attitude towards one of the worse aveiros (sins) [see Vayikra (Lev.) 18:22; 20:13;
    Talmud Chullin 92], fulfilling the type of ultimate inversion described in Yishaya (Isaiah) 5:20. This sin was one of the contributing factors which
    prompted The Master of the World to destroy Civilization by the Flood in the time of Noah (see Beraishis Rabbah 26, par.5 (par. 4 or 9 in some
    versions), on Ber. (Gen.) 6:2).
    Additionally, unlike other anti-Torah policies, this particular class of aveiros is being promoted as an ideal to be celebrated, not merely a
    “right” entitled to protection. Furthermore, government recognizing these relationships in any way – including same-gender-couple adoption – is not
    only permitting such conduct – it’s providing a State-haskomo (approbation) to this aveirah.
    Moreover, To’aiva-“Marriage” (a.k.a. “Marriage-Redefinition”), specifically, is a unique evil.

  9. Those who “innocently” show support for the movements are choteh umachti Meisus U’Mode’ach

    A fellow once accosted Rav Shlomo Wolbe and said he is willing to be observant in everything else with the exception of this.. Rav pointed his finger up to a tall roof and told him ” jump off”!

  10. It is Time for Truth,
    As Maamin in HKB”H, we have to make a collective honest Cheshbon Hanefesh if it really is Kvod Shaomayim that we have in mind when we become very rhetorical around this issue. I don’t disagree with anything that you are saying in terms of the Chomer Haveiyra etc, I’m just wondering if we’ve become somewhat carried away in the way we talk about it. I’m not justifying this lifestyle CSV’sh, but Chazal do say Al Todim es CHavercha Etc. Call me someone with bad hashkofos if you like, but that’s how I see it