Rav Landau And Rav Sternbuch Discuss The Status Of The Braekel Chicken


Much has been discussed of late regarding the Braekel chicken, which has rabbonim divided regarding its kashrus.

On Thursday, 2 Elul, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau, Mora D’asra of Bnei Brak, met with Eida Chareidis Ravaad HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch to discuss the kashrus of the Braekel. The meeting was held in Rabbi Sternbuch’s apartment that was built for him on the Lod yeshiva complex, permitting the meeting after the shiur opening the Elul zman.

Both rabbonim are in agreement, that there is no mesora and the bird is prohibited. Rav Landau has already published his opinion, stating without a doubt we may not eat this particular bird.

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  1. Then it should be a kal-ve-homer that the American “Turkey” should be Isur. They are an entirely different species than anything we knew about before 1492 and don’t even look like any sort of chicken.

  2. Rav Landau stated that he observed the bird for more than an hour and it is more than just no mesorah. Rather, he says, that it is a bird that is tammei.

  3. I know that Wikipedia isn’t Torah mi’Sinai, but it starts off by stating, “The Braekel or Brakel is one of the older European chicken breeds. Its history dates back to 1416, when it was mentioned as a successful poultry breed of the Brakel region, Belgium. There is a bantam version of the Braekel.” Why is everyone saying it’s a new breed?