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Syrian Anarchy Leads to Increased Alert in Israel

The revolution in Syria appears to be increasing as President Bashar al-Assad has fled Damascus for a location in SW Syria, a three hour travel distance by plane. According to Israel Radio reports, the new venue for the Syrian dictator affords him more of an advantage to defend himself against rebel forces that continue advancing in Damascus.

As the fighting escalates across Israel’s northern border, the Israeli intelligence community is seeking to keep abreast of events, which appear increasingly worrisome as anarchy seems to be prevailing.

Ynet reports that the IDF seems to have moved to some level of operational alert as shabbos furloughs for some soldiers have been canceled to keep them on base, ready for whatever may develop.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. As chazal say: Hakadosh Boruch Hu takes back the tzadikim so that they don’t have to wittness klal yisroel’s Tzaros!!! Hashem took many… R’ Michel Yehuda, Rav Koppelman, Rav Sheinberg & more… and now he took Rav Elyashiv!!!! The news from here on can’t be good!!! We must Daven that we should be Zoche to greet Mashiach b’karov!!!

  2. Forget China.
    And forget Russia.
    The Arab world has been rebuked now for the third time.
    How many more would it take to realize that these countries are not their friends; that they feel none of the Arab pain.
    As for the rest of us, it is time to see China and Russia as the totalitarian regimes they really are. Inherently, they cannot play a responsible role in the world community. And we should limit our business and political dealings with them accordingly.

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