Eastern Jerusalem Carjacker Apprehended


A young man from eastern Jerusalem who assaulted a woman in the parking lot and robbed her of her vehicle was arrested when an undercover police investigation was completed and the stolen vehicle was seized.

The Israel Police Force constantly exploits many resources and advanced technological capabilities to investigate, locate and arrest lawbreakers in order to safeguard the security and property of the normative citizen.

At the end of last week, a police report was received from a woman, who said that when she reached her car in a public parking lot in the center of the city, a young man approached her, pushed her away, and fled the scene.

Policemen who were nearby and received the report arrived shortly afterwards and met a woman who was bruised in her hand and made sure she received medical attention from MDA.

The woman came into the car and started it, and a second before she began to drive, a young man who knocked on her window approached her and asked her to get out of the car to see something that was not right. When the woman left, the woman pushed her into the car and fled.

Investigators and detectives at the Moriah station launched a covert investigation using advanced technological means in cooperation with an outside company and led to the formulation of operational activity in which the stolen vehicle was located in Judea and Samaria within a few hours.

As the covert investigation progressed, the investigators discovered the identity of a 24-year-old suspect in the car robbery and was arrested Monday night.

The suspect was brought for questioning in the crime department at the Moriah station on suspicion of robbery, during which he was linked to the suspect.

On Tuesday, 7 Elul, the suspect was arraigned.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Police spokesman unit)