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33 Victims of Bulgaria Attack Hospitalized in Israel

33 victims of the suicide bombing attack in Bulgaria have arrived in Israel and moved to hospitals around the country. The decision where to hospitalize victims was arrived at by considering the home address of victims as well as the extent of their injuries.

Three victims who remain in serious condition are being treated by IDF physicians in Sofia. The physicians are working to stabilize their condition enough to enable bringing them home for continued treatment.

Israeli forensic officials are completing the identification process and hope to bring the bodies home for kvura tonight, Thursday, rosh chodesh Av 5772. Despite Zaka’s best efforts Bulgarian officials performed an autopsy on two of the five Israeli victims. The others were spared following the personal intervention of President Shimon Peres.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Why did they need to do autopsies? Any fool could tell you they died from the bomb. And where was the Israeli government before the two autopsies were done? Why’d it take them so long to intervene?

  2. Incidentally during WW2 – Bulgaria’s government saved 48000 Jews from being sent to concentration camps – even though Hitler ymash knew about this. Do some Google research – especially Wikipedia and you will learn some fascinating stuff. We do owe Bulgaria Hakora Hatov for that

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