PHOTOS: Misaskim Constructs Shiva Area For Family Of Boro Park Couple R’L Killed In House Fire


As reported by YWN, an outstanding couple from the Boro Park community perished in a tragic, fast-moving fire.

Misaskim was intimately involved in many aspects of the tragedy, including ensuring the release of the niftarim in record time (two and one half hours), thanks to cooperation of the FDNY fire marshals and the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office.

Adding “insult to injury”, upon returning to Brooklyn from the Kevura in New Jersey, the large family found they had no suitable place to sit Shiva; they certainly couldn’t sit in the charred wreckage of the house.

Their only other option was a house currently under construction.

In the attached photos, see what Misaskim staff and volunteers accomplished in just three hours’ time!

May the family know of no more pain or sorrow.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Nothing against MISASKIM or all other askunim just wrong coverage. Only that I was by Nichum Aveilim there & they are not even sitting in that house where the fire was only by Family Leffler.