Sikrik Arrested for Assaulting Nachal Chareidi Soldier


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Police in Beit Shemesh arrested a 28-year-old area resident affiliated with the sikrikim for allegedly attacking a chareidi soldier who serves in Nachal Chareidi. The suspect, W, is known as being active among the area’s sikrikim.

W is not cooperating with police who are requesting to hold him without bail. The police representative told the court that when dealing with W, one may not look at this as an isolated incident against an individual but as a worrisome trend against serving in the IDF.

Justice Ilta Ziskind released W on bail and ordered him to distance himself from the soldier.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. After all the acrimony directed by the Chareidim at the g-dless Zahal and it’s immoral soldiers, I hope they have the decency to refrain from any crocodile tear expressions of sorrow on behalf of the soldier…they may not be guilty of the assault, but they sure make it easier for a thug like this one to delude himself that he’s doing Hashem’s work.

  2. The tzahal is still g-dless and most soldiers immoral therefore the avirah is one of immorality and no place for yeshiva bochurim sheyichyu. this one may be moral thus tears for him- not crocodile tears.

    The place as a whole is immoral does not make the victim one too. But good try..

  3. Ibj…Zahal is an Army made up of a cross section of all segments of Israeli society (well, almost all..but that’s the question, right?)…to condemn all or “most” of that society as “immoral” is to confuse immorality gamur with merely lower, and I concede incorrect general standards…and it serves to divorce you totally hostily from that society. You need to really learn kiruv principles my man.

  4. I think the people who identify the IDF as “g-dless Zahal and it’s immoral soldiers” should have their opinions taken off. They are generalizing without knowing what is going on.

    Nachel Charadi is mostly charadi men who learn, pray and keep mitzvos while serving in the IDF.

    Please YWN, just like the sirikim are extremist nutcases, let us not encourage people like this from putting treif opinions based on lack of knowledge in the YWN.

  5. Apparently this goon attacked a soldier just because he was a soldier. Idiots like this deserve the full penalty of the law.
    Jewas are Jews. Some are observant, others not yet so. Attacks like this do nothing to improve that situation.