Litzman Determined To Oust Prof. Hiss


The deadline has passed yet the nation’s chief pathologist, Professor Yehuda Hiss has not retired but Deputy Minister of Health (Yahadut HaTorah) R’ Yaakov Litzman remains determined to oust the controversial figure from his post.

Seeking to find the formula that will placate his ego, hoping that he will agree to leave, Litzman now plans to offer Hiss to take a sabbatical year from which he will decide not to return, a face-saving measure for the man who has been responsible for hundreds if not thousands of unauthorized/ illegal procedures on dead bodies, a man who blatantly exhibits his disdain for halacha and kovod ha’meis.

After media reports that Hiss had over 8,000 body parts stored in his facility a kovod ha’meis campaign was launched to oust him. When families of niftarim tried to ascertain if this concerned them, forensic institute officials told them many body parts and specimens were buried in a mass grave so their request came too late.

Litzman has been determined to oust Hiss, who seems to thrive on performing autopsies, leading to an internal investigation into Hiss’ performance and that of his team towards ousting him from the top pathologist post, a post which he has held for over 16 years.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)