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Ein Gedi Bottled Water Alert

The Ministry of Health has issued a consumer warning pertaining to Ein Gedi bottled water which has been found to be contaminated with bacteria. The water supply tested was positive for bacteria, which health officials fear may contaminate the 2 liter bottles sold by the company. The production code of the bottles in question is August 1-3 2012.

Water company officials signal thousands of bottles sold as six packs may be infected. A recall of the bottles has been implemented and anyone that has purchased the bottles with the dates mentioned should contact a customer service center of the company.

Health officials have also called upon Ein Gedi to investigate the situation towards determining the source of the bacterial infection. Until given clearance by health officials, the company may not distribute bottles of water for sale.

Health officials add that the public should realize that despite the warning, recall and investigation, there is no significant threat to the well-being of anyone that may drink the water.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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