‘Community First’ Lauds Senator Storobin’s Determination For A Fair Election


The following is a press release from a group calling themselves “Community First”:

‘Community First’ a group of active voters in the district would like to take the opportunity in congratulating State Senator David Storobin for getting certified as the Republican Senatorial candidate for the 17th Senate District after a fierce and biting battle. The decision to remove a sitting State Senator from the ballot would of been an unprecedented move. Judge Martin’s ruling dismissing the outrageous allegations, speaks loud and clear – all the accusations over fraud were clearly proven false in the court and at issue were a small number of signatures that were subject to human error.

We also laud Senator Storobin for his courage and determination in fighting for the right of a fair and square election for the voters of the 17th Senate District in November.

Simcha Felder’s reprehensible attempt to disqualify his opponent’s candidacy has reached a new level of down to the gutter politics, one that voters are sick and tired of already. This was clearly part of a planned effort which has begun from the first day Simcha Felder announced his candidacy, to avoid a fair election and subtract the chance for voters expressing their concerns, and letting their voice be heard in a democratic process.

As a career politician, Simcha Felder has gathered all the resources necessary to avoid running on his record, buying this election with dishonest tactics, and setting a low bar for sincere representation as we know it.

Our hope is that Simcha Felder will now return to discussing the issues that matter most for the community., and follow his own advise from 2008 that a spirited race is healthy for the community and democracy.

‘Community First’ is proud to hereby announce the creation of a new community-oriented political organization that will seek to represent the best interest of the community.



  1. Is there a reason that the names of those behind this unheard of organization “Community First” are not included in their press release?

  2. All of you voters who are upset and frustrated with the edtics that Lord Mike has been imposing upon us, like Gay Marriage, Metzitza Bi’peh, baby formula, bike lanes, etc…, keep in mind which candidate voted to overturn “term limits” that we the people voted for! If this illigitimate Mayor wouldn’t of been foisted upon us for an illegal 3rd term, these Gezairos wouldn’t of come to fruition! Do you want to elect someone that will represent us or someone who is & will continue to be a Michaneff?!