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The Great Big Jersey Shore Challah Bake Is Back!


Have you ever wished you could make a difference?

Here’s your chance. On Thursday, October 26, 2017, you’ll have the opportunity to change a life – and to participate in a global movement changing the lives of thousands for generations to come.


The Great Big Jersey Shore Challah Bake is back for its third year, and it’s bigger and better than ever before. The Challah Bake is a much-beloved, can’t-miss-it feature of the worldwide Shabbat Project, uniting over 1 million Jewish women around the globe to join in the special mitzvah of challah and experience a taste of authentic, loving Judaism.

Last year’s Challah Bake was a resounding success, attracting over 500 women of all backgrounds and affiliations. Join us to make this year’s event the best yet!
Our goal: to assemble a crowd of as many women – from as many geographic locations, with as many interests – as possible, connecting them over this timeless mitzvah. The Challah Bake is charged with an indescribable, incomparable atmosphere of joy and excitement as a mass of diverse women unites over challah dough and shared heritage.

Experience being part of something larger than yourself – without venturing out of your own neighborhood.

Bring a neighbor, a friend, a relative less acquainted with the beauty of our traditions. Together, you’ll be treated to an evening of inspiration and entertainment as you prepare two challahs from scratch, bonding over the deeply stirring practice. Every participant will receive a laminated card printed with the blessing as well as a mixing bowl, custom apron, and swag bag.

Of course, challah takes time to rise; during that time, we take the opportunity to rise as well, mingling with other attendees and relishing the on-site activities. The program includes dancing and entertainment by Shimi Adar as well as a gastronomic demonstration by Rivky Kleiman of Mishpacha Family Table and co-author of the Bais Yaakov Cookbook.

Don’t miss this unforgettable evening! Women and girls ages 12 and up are invited to participate in this life-changing event.

Sign up for the Challah Bake at; admission is $25. We strongly encourage pre-registration as admission at the door may be limited and will cost $36. Last year’s Challah Bake was sold out, and we’d like every willing participant to come! Registration will close on Sunday, October 22 to ensure that all seating arrangements are made efficiently, ensuring the smooth running of the event.

For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us: [email protected]

Don’t miss this chance to truly bake a difference!

Written By: Yaeli Dorfman

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