Chareidi Soldier Ousted from Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Shul


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On Sunday morning 8 Elul 5772 a chareidi IDF soldier was thrown out of the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Beis Medrash after arriving for shachris in uniform. The soldier arrived at the Chazon Ish Street beis medrash to daven shachris at about 10:00am, but before he even got inside, as he was in the outer area one of the mispallalim told him “stay outside”.

The mispallel explained “you are wearing the Zionist military uniform and therefore you cannot enter and daven in a beis medrash which flies the flag of anti-Zionism”. The astonished soldier heeded the words of the mispallel and left.

A few minutes later, realizing he did not know of another minyan due to the late hour he returned and entered the beis medrash to daven shachris. According to Chadrei Chareidim, he was assaulted and ousted with shouts “Get out now! Get out!” while no one intervened on his behalf.

The soldier did not wish to make more of a scene and opted to remain outside and continue davening, alone, without a minyan. Chadrei adds that a number of mispallalim commented “he is a chareidi like us” but those words fell on deaf ears.

Another was heard saying “what a chilul Hashem, what שפיכות דמים.”

The soldier is 27-years-old, married and the father of two.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Absolutely sickening and during Elul too? To turn away a Yid from davening? If this sinas chinam is representative of “anti-zionist” Jewry, then you can count me out of ever having anything to do with it.

  2. You write “while no one intervened on his behalf”.
    Yet, there were those who stood up for him as you wrote

    “Chadrei adds that a number of mispallalim commented “he is a chareidi like us” but those words fell on deaf ears.

    Another was heard saying “what a chilul Hashem, what שפיכות דמים.”
    Finally, what would that mispallel say if a terrorist came in to the shule and threated people. Would he tell the soldier to leave? Or would he invite him in to do what is necessary? Or maybe he would tell him to leave and say tehillim…. or Shma and viduy.
    Ridiculous! That individual needs to be admonished!

  3. why does ywn need to post this story? There is enough sinas chinam already. Printing this story is not helping anyone in any way it’s just fanning flames of hatred

  4. talk about chilul Hashem!!!!!! a person wants to daven!!!!!! and under any circumstances how do they throw him out of a beis medrash?????? it is not a question of tznius – who are the real “am haartzim” in this case???? if this soldier was protecting THEM during a war would he be thrown out as well?????????? what exactly are these people “learning”? isnt bein adam lechavero as important as adam lamakom???? who are these “holier than thou’s” that can make these decisions????? is there any other reason or wonder that Mashiach can’t come ???? maybe he is not welcome in THEIR BEIS MEDRASH (who knows what he will be wearing????)

  5. What a Chilul HaShem..
    I hope they are all called to account on Yom HaDin!
    I wonder how many of the Anti-Zionists in the Bais Medrash take Zionist Gelt each month, and Zionist medical care

  6. The Satmar sincerely believe that Zionizm is an upfront to Hashem and prolongs tha Golus. The Zionists are being Machriv the Bais Hamikdosh every single day.
    So, How could they allow a symbol of Zionizm into a place of Davening to Hashem?
    Just try arguing on a “Belief”?

  7. I fully agree with all of the previous posts, and I am not knowledgeable at all in Israeli politics. But just to give a fair judgement to BOTH sides of the story…

    Let us suppose hypothetically if the Rabbonim decided (and I am guessing that unanimous is probably impossible anyway) that Chareidim are NOT permitted to enlist in the IDF, even on the threat of imprisonment or other government pressure. Then halachically, someone that openly disregarded their ruling should be in Cheirem and not permitted to join a minyan. IF that were actually the case, then many of the arguments suggested here (that he is after all a chareidi…) would not be very convincing.

    But I am not aware of the facts and am just proposing a theory. I am more of the ‘live and let live’ camp, and I am also much more polite, even when I disagree.

  8. One more thing I forgot to mention – I don’t know the Shul mentioned here either, but if a Shul was ‘owned’ by a particular Rav or Rabbi that ruled a certain way, and he gave instructions (that would hopefully be posted on a sign warning outsiders) not to permit someone that violated his rules to daven there, they could be within their rights to do so. Of course, they would also not be permitted to accept funds or donations from outsiders either, or that would make it a public Shul!!

  9. “Then we wonder why we’re still in golus.” Had the Zionists not started up….

    I don’t know these people, and the whole thing does strike me as wrong.

    But I can understand the sensitivity on their part, too. The Zionists have caused untold harm to our people, and even though this fine young man was likely just as religious as these chassidim, his uniform conveys something.

    Lihavdil, if a Jew walked in to a shul with a T-Shirt with a strong symbol of a foreign deity on it, would anyone not ask him to change his shirt before coming in?

    This is just a very small part of the mess that is Zionism. May Hashem redeem us all, BB”A.

  10. Now that the government is making army service mandatory, it transforms frum soldiers from volunteers into those who have decided to support conscription as opposed to those who are resisting. I would argue that once the state implements conscription, military service switches from being voluntary to be prohibited since it becomes part of a religious test. Do you support zionism as indicated by service in the army, or do you support Torah and Mitsvos as indicated by open and public refusal? This was the question Ben Gurioun wanted to avoid 60 years ago, so they dreamed up the face-saving compromise to say that the Hareidim community was too busy learning to serve in the army. Now the battle is joined. If you support Torah and continuation of yeshivos, the army is now the enemy.

  11. R Shalom shvadron zt”l once said over the story how a bar mitzvah bochur was going to lein parshas zachor and than some “righteous” fellow yelled at the boy in public that he wasn’t allowed to be moitze them causing this boy to be terribly embarrassed in public so that fellow read it instead so r Shalom said that AMOLEK himself came and leined parshas zachor. This retard obviously has been taught that the “issur” of being a tzioni is m’doreisa and causing someone embarrassment in public is not just not assur but even required

  12. I wish the Badatz and Yerushalmi Rabbonim would get together and make a real effort to educate their ignorant. How long will they ignore their MAIN responsibility? unless there’s something we don’t know…

  13. To the person(s) who initiated the action of throwing the soldier out I can only use the words from the Torah ha-kedosha: “Orur ata b’voecha, v’orer ata b’tzaysecha”.

  14. A few minutes later, realizing he did not know of another minyan due to the late hour

    What? Toldos AY davens after the last minyan at the shtiblach?!

  15. Just another sick group of take, take, take people. If it wasn’t for this IDF soldier and many others like him there would be no Beis Medrash to either daven or learn in. The muslims would have long ago destroyed Israel and the Jewish people whom live there.
    May Hashem look and watch over our brave soldiers, both from external and internal forces.

  16. CHEVRAH:

    We are not supposed to believe loshon Hara! Who says that this occurred? Were you there?

    On numerous occasions, stories have been published about Rav Moshe Bransdorfer and Rabbanim from Toldos Avraham Yitzchok. I immediately called Rav Bransdorfer to verify the veracity of the stories; and GUESS WHAT? FALSE FALSE FALSE!

    Please. I am not saying that this did not occur. All I am saying is please verify the details before believing what is written.

  17. Re #3 – You sound rather parochial mexipal – if the article was about other kinds of Yidden behaving badly would tyou have objected to stronglY

  18. I would like to know what the Rebbe thinks about this. if he were to issue a condemnation of this unacceptable behaviour this would not happen again.

    can some1 pls pass the message on to his gabbaim? otherwise the assumption is shtikah ke-hoida’ah!

  19. This attidude stems from their teachers and mentors. Look no further than their leaders. The same way the Taliban and Al quaida distort their religion, these thugs distort Judasim and their leaders are to blame.

  20. Attention Rabbaim #2, andYW fan #4:
    Sitting on your kiester and mumbling that it’s wrong is not called intervening!!
    Imagine if Pinchos would’ve said Zimri is wrong; or “What a chillul Hashem this is”.
    You think he would’ve gotten “es B’risi Shalom”???

  21. Even if the soldier weren’t a chareidi soldier the man should have been allowed to daven with the minyan! The anger against the secular zionists is that they were hostile to Torah.. These kind of actions MAKE people hostile to Torah..!!!!!

  22. The same people defending this here are those who defend spitting on chilonim, like that ever brought anyone close to Hashem!

    Who do these people think they are? To deny the right of a Yid to daven to Hashem? It’s vile beyond words. Clearly these people and those who defend them are not Torah observant Jews at all.

    To all the Satmar posting here; your sinas chinam is a massive chillul Hashem and makes me want to enlist and fulfill the mitzvah of pikuach nefesh all the moreso.

  23. #23
    If it was about any other types of Jews doing bad things we wouldn’t see the same hatred and vitriol by some of the posters here.

  24. #30,That isn’t true. What’s upsetting here is that a JEW was prevented from DAVENING in SHUL just for the fact that he was wearing an IDF uniform. Let’s say for argument’s sake that it was a chiloni soldier who was trying to become frum. Can you imagine how bad that soldier would feel? It seems a bit backward to be upset at the actions of the zionists and then to do something that will cause someone not to want to be frum.

    #27, Pinchas only did ONE incident with Zimri and if Zimri would have shown some signs of Teshuva that would have been fine with Pinchas as well. Could it be that the reason why some chilonim stay secular is because of behavior like this?

  25. Toldos Avraham Yitzchak is a very welcoming chassidus who welcomes visitors even non frum, but the visitors need to learn respect when they visit. Even a goy knows u put on a yarmulke when u enter a shul. So too this guy should have put a chalat or a rekel over his uniform. In Young Israel of Queens Valley, they do not let you daven there if u dont put on a jacket. U expect a badatz shul to be more lenient than a young israel shul?