Peleg Protesters Hold Their ‘Day of Rage’ Blocking Roads Across Israel [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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As promised by the Peleg, their “Day of Rage” was taking place across the county. In the fourth consecutive day of Peleg protests in cities around Israel, protesters blocked traffic starting first during the Thursday morning 29 Tishrei rush hour at Shilat Junction, the major intersection connecting Highway 443 to the Modi’in region.

The protests Peleg officials promise continued throughout the day, in different venues, protesting the arrest of talmidei yeshivos affiliated with the faction, bnei torah who follow HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita. Rabbonim opted to use the bein hazmanim days for protests, however telling the media they are opposed to any and all violence as well as closure of streets to traffic. However, these actions continue, occurring with increased frequency and fever.

When police arrived to clear the protesters on Thursday morning, they heard shouts “We will die before being drafted into the IDF”, sending their message of no compromise, expressing a willingness to die rather than to serve in the IDF. For the few officers on hand, the message fell on deaf ears for their only interest was to open the major vehicular artery.

Police have video footage of protesters taking police equipment from the trunk of a police car at the Russian Compound in Wednesday night’s protests, adding to the chilul Hashem. They opened the trunk and pulled out equipment as the manned vehicle was blocked by the large crowd of protesters.

Ironically, as they Peleg members seek to step-up the protests, their support is waning among all, including the remainder of chareidim; litvish, chassidish and Sephardi alike as their actions appear to be resulting in increased disdain for chareidim among Israelis, who by and large do not understand the difference between one chareidi and another.

It remains to be seen if the violence will continue after rosh chodesh, as the new zman begins. Over 60 arrests have been made and a considerable number of those arrested will face criminal charges and face a criminal trial. Some of the others have been found to be wanted by military police, labeled for desertion, and handed over to IDF authorities for adjudication. Hence, the incarceration of many Peleg-affiliated bnei torah will not end when the new zman begins.

As of 7:00PM IL, dozens of protesters were arrested in Jerusalem, Tzefas, Bnei Brak, and many other areas. Buses were brought in to the protesters in jerusalem to handle the number of arrests.

Traffic in Jerusalem was gridlock, as protesters shut many major intersections, including the Jerusalem Light Rail for hours. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Israelis had their times robbed of them – as not one Rosh Yeshiva, Gadol, or Rov was seen at any protest – nor has come out publicly in support of this type of behavior.

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Peleg Protesters Hold Their ‘Day of Rage’ Blocking Roads Across Israel [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

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ALL VIDEOS AND PHOTOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים & מדברים תקשורת:

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. thanky you ywn for your biased article but these 2 boys who the protests are being held for are good yeshiva boys who are serious learners who got arrested after being pulled over on the way back from the dead sea

  2. Since when do Jews have “Days of Rage” – isn’t that an Arab thing? Maybe the Peleg folowers have been taking advice from Tawil Fadiha, “Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage” of Latma fame…

    Talk about a Chilul Hashem – what an embarrassment these people and their leaders are. “Bemakom Chilul Hashem, Ein Cholkim Kavod laRav” applies precisely to this situation.

    an Israeli Yid

  3. ‘police have video footage of protesters taking police equipment from the trunk of a police car at the Russian Compound in Wednesday night’s protests, adding to the chilul Hashem.” REALLY YWN WHAT ABOUT THE FOOTAGE OF THE OFFICER TAKING HIS GUN OUT AND POINTING IT AT 17 YEAR OLD YESHIVA KIDS WEARING HATS AND JACKETS ? THAT FOOTAGE THEY DONT HAVE ?

  4. Yea…real “serious learners”. Like this guy? Right?

    Cut the garbage. Every person ever arrested for draft evasion did something illegale. Like the two “serious learners” arrested near the Dead Sea with suspended licenses. When the officer ran their names, they both came up as draft dodgers.

    If you ignorant pack of liars would just follow what has been the Shita for the past 65 years to go sign up and get your “Petur”, your “serious learners” would never be arrested.

  5. I am moche! This does not conform with the level of neutral, unbiased, non-inciting, hatefull reporting expected from a news site calling themselves the yeshiva world. This article is offensive and should be pulled asap with a full apology.

    While I agree with most of the article, it is not a news article. This is inciting and hatefull garbage. We have enough tzarot and don’t need any more decisiveness implored by this garbage article. PLEASE PULL ASAP.

  6. @annoyed is worried that a police officer waved his gun? Did it ever occur to you that you have stolen time from hundreds of thousands of people? You animals. What kind of religion do you belong to? Not mine. You people are sick demented people. Shame on you and all your “rabbonim”. Total fake. 100% fake through and though.

    Be happy the cops aren’t using their nightsticks on you biheimos.

  7. REALLY MAYBE ITS GETTING MUCH HARDER TO GET A DiCHUI MR FERD? DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT ? i heard of these b2 boys that got arrested this week they have are good serios bachurim who take life seriously and are not just some reckless teenagers.

  8. Israeli society observes these protesters, whom they have been supporting and exempting from military service with the promise that in return they will become tamidei chachamim and bnei torah who will elevate the nation – and see hooligans whose behavior is the very opposite of talmidei chachamim and bnei torah and whose actions denigrate the nation. They are making a strong case in the eyes of Israeli society that the deal with the charedim is bad and must be fundamentally changed.

  9. The actions documented in these videos speak for themselves.
    Jews and non Jews the world over are concluding that yeshiva learning is a fast lane to radical extremism.

  10. the editorial comments in this article are not appreciated
    this is a very serious and complicated issue
    the army is no place for jewish boys, so what’s your suggestion ywn?

  11. Any coverage of this situation is automatically negative for Peleg. There is no way to put a positive spin when bochurim behave like jungle animals.