WATCH: Angry Motorist Strikes Peleg Protester With His Vehicle


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A fear that many had was unfortunately brought to realization on Thursday, when an angry motorist slammed his vehicle into a Peleg protester.

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli are fed up with being stuck in traffic and being inconvenienced by the Peleg.

Police are investigating this incident.

Video via מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

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WATCH: Angry Motorist Strikes Peleg Protester With His Vehicle

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. some bochur will get very seriously hurt or killed and it will be the responsibility of the so called roshei yeshivas
    and the reshaim of peleg

  2. As much as these protests infuriate me and I think that all these protesters deserve to be arrested, I still am quite disturbed by that cheer of “oh my gosh, yes” at the end of the video after the boy’s legs got run over.

  3. The kid was playing. He jumped up immediately the car passed and brushed his heilige hat off. Nothing to investigate except why these hooligans are still allowed to disrupt the lives of thousands.