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8000 Subsidized Tickets to Uman Beginning Next Week

When Rav Eliezer Berlind signed the deal with a travel agency on Wednesday night, it set the stage for the distribution of thousands of tickets for Uman ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

It appears the rav and others were involved in fundraising and in addition, loans are being taken to fund additional tickets towards offering 8,000 subsidized tickets to the tziyun of Rav Nachman.

The deal was signed during the night of 12 Elul 5772, after hours of deliberations with travel agency officials. Kikar Shabbat reports that on Thursday afternoon 12 Elul, representatives of the rav will sign the official agreement with the travel agency in Tel Aviv. The tickets will be available from the ‘נחלי איתנים’ agency beginning next week.

In the interim, a son-in-law of the rav was sent to New York where he hopes to raise additional funds for the project.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. U hope they are targeting big gevirim who give tons of tzedaka. If they target a guy like me with a set amount of money to give , every dollar that goes to their cause comes at the expense of feeding the hungry , housing the homeless and healthcare for the poor.

    I’m not sure why the rabbis think that this cause is worthy enough to send a meshulach all the way to new York to raise money so people can leave their family and go in a mancation to uman

  2. Its that time of year again. It seems there is this annual debate over whether yidden should be leaving their families before rosh hashana every year and spend millions of dollars on travel and entertainment expenses in one of the most anti-semitic nations in the world so they can daven at the kever of a tzadik. The bones of Rav Nachman should be moved back to EY and given the proper burial so this annual pilgrimage meshugaas can be avoided and these yidden can be with their families and the money wasted on travel can be redirected to tzadakah so that poor yidden will have challah and chulent for yom tov. Aren’t their enough kevorim of tzadikim and gadolei torah in EY and NYC areas without flying several thousand miles and putting money in the pockets of anti-semitim (not to even consider the rowdy behavior, drunkedness and partying that seems to get worse each year among these heilege Breslover pilgrims (most of whom have nothing to do with the real Breslov).

  3. Is this a real Tzedakah? Or should travel be left to those who can adfford it on their own? just asking.
    My tzedakah $$$ will still go for those who need food and clothing………… plenty of those around!

  4. Amusing to see how non Breslovers think that breslovers should be spending their money. I wonder how much the posters spent on their vacations this summer, and whether bread for the poor would have been more important.

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