Court Permits Reporting Security Case Involving Security Agency In Israel


A judge of the Central District Court, on Wednesday, 5 Cheshvan, allowed the publication of a security affair related to a security body, in which seven people, including three employees of the same security body, were arrested. The judge prohibited publishing any additional details of the investigation that began several months ago.

Three former and current security service employees were arrested last year on suspicion of bribery, the gag order was lifted, albeit in small part, on Tuesday.

Judge Oded Moreno wrote in his decision that he forbids the publication of any detail beyond the fact that three detainees were arrested along with four other suspects in December 2016. They are also suspected of fraud and money laundering. Today the suspects are released under various restrictive conditions.

In the framework of the investigation conducted in the Lahav 433 unit, the suspicion arose that those involved had coordinated procurement processes for a security body to ensure the winning of the civilian companies, in exchange for large bribes to those in the organization.

The detention of the suspects was extended from time to time for a period of several weeks, in accordance with the needs of the investigation and the decisions of the court. The investigation is under way and is being led by the Lahav 433 Unit and the Economic Department of the State Attorney’s Office.

In the course of the hearing on the subject of the judge, he ruled that it was forbidden to publicize the matter in the foreign media, and of course there was also a prohibition to quote the same thing on social networks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)