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MK Eichler Responds To High Court Ruling On Tel Aviv Grocery Stores

The following is the response of MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler to the High Court of Justice ruling permitting grocery stores to continue opening on Shabbos in Tel Aviv. “The regular show of the retiring judges rose again this morning from the media stage. It has become a tradition, a judge finishing his/her term and they are looking for a decent title that will leave them in the Hall of Fame.

“We must tell the judges the truth in the face: the desperate way in which you are caught with the last remnants of power and remnants of rating sent to you by the media, does nothing to enhance your respectability. The public is much smarter and intelligent than you think. The citizens see this behavior and understand its PR significance. This does not add support for the inferior status of the Supreme Court.

“The fact that these rulings are always on religious issues and the blurring of the Jewish character of the state only proves how despair plays a significant role in this process. These are not rulings, they are plays.

“Honorable judges, know, the only memory you leave is ridicule and embarrassment.

“You will bear responsibility for the bad blood that you shed on the bonfire of the cultural war that will burn all the threads that link Israeli society.

“Your memory will remain forever in the world, as tyrants who tried to destroy the Torah of Israel. You will disappear into the abyss of the enemies of Judaism throughout the generations, and faithful Judaism will live forever and ever”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. the judges have assumed that Israel is a democratic state meaning every one does what they want. But Israel was sent up as a socialistic state meaning a social group who is concerned for the other’s feelings.

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