A Number Of Peleg Deserters Released From Military Prison


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On Sunday morning, 9 Cheshvan, two of the deserters arrested during Peleg faction protests in the past week were released by military authorities. The two, avreich Chaim Leib Shepter and talmid Chaim Shmuel Sefsel, were met with dancing and cheers outside the prison by supporters.

During the day, the two were scheduled to be brought to the Shaare Chessed home of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach as well as the home of Gavaad Eida Chareidis HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss.

Two others were released on Thursday and erev Shabbos after serving their 20-day sentences in Prison 6.

At present, there are 42 prisoners who remain for not reporting to induction centers to register for IDF service.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. In American English, a “deserter” is a soldier who runs away from his unit. It implies cowardice. Traditionally is a capital offense. To be a deserter, you have to join the army.

    Someone who refuses to be inducted is a draft resistor. he is someone who states openly his refusal to serve. Few countries execute draft resistors. If the war they were drafted for turned out poorly, they are often considered to have been heroic.

    The Israeli misuse of the word “deserter” is defamatory and bigoted.

  2. totally disgusting to release these vandals who caused do much suffering to the frum people.

    They are simply ‘mazikim b’maziid’ and that puts them and their leaders in the catagory of ‘reshoiyim’.

    To cause the tzibur so much suffering and monetary loss (I had to spend an extra 80 shekels on cabs and lost 4 hours of my time because of them.)

    To let them out of prison early is bad enough, but for their leaders to make a lechaim with them shows that their leaders are also ‘reshoiyim’ too.

    HaShem y’rachem on this generation!

  3. luckshen kugel: which vandals are yo utalking about? those who sat on the floor, said tehilim, sang songs and did absolutely nothnig but receive beatings from the police? are those the vandals you’re referring to?
    have you every been stuck in a traffic jam by a hachnosas sefer torah, levaya or the likes? did you ever curse and spew such lashon hora at the person who died, or the person who arranged the hachnosas sefer torah???
    ps. those 80 shekels you spent on the cab did not belong to you in the first place, and already on rosh hashana it was gozer that you would lose it – so why spew such hatred????
    yep, i agree that it’s not fun to have to spend 80 sheks on a cab, but this is exactly what Hashem wanted. any complaints – go straight to The Boss

  4. luckshen kugel
    are you also against every Rebbishe chasunah every gadol’s levaya many non frum Israeli’s are against them they think they are mazik bemeizid and cause tremendous suffering to many people, frum people understand them because they realize that its important you don’t understand why the peleg is demonstrating Hundreds of gedolei torah roshei yeshivos rabbonim and talmidei chachamim do. Hafganos were used by chareidim innumerable amounts of times to protest giyus banos sheirut leumi chillul shabbos nituchei meisim etc etc YOu don’t understand what the problem is gedolei torah do

  5. If their cause is so justified, why can’t the protestors obtain police permits to enable innocent people to get home? By not doing so, the protestors are saying that only their lives are important. “Forget” about the lives of the Jewish soldiers who protect us each day against our enemies who surround us. Peleg supporters apparently ignore a basic tenet in Yiddishkeit that there are shivim panim le’Torah. The other day I was called “anti-Torah” by a Peleg supporter since I mentioned that I do not support their demonstrations.

  6. You make it sound like the soldiers are protecting the yeshiva bochurim more than the yeshiva bochurim are protecting the soldiers in the Torah I know it says that if we keep the Torah there will be peace in the land and if we don’t it will be very bad according to that the people who keep the Torah are protecting those who don’t.

  7. Simple logic – keeping Torah also means not being mazik others. Peleg has no monoply on rotzon Hashem. Bottom line – yom hamisah is not mechaper for chilul Hashem, so stop preaching about who is endangering the exisistence of yidden in eretz yisrael.

  8. Chili Worker- It was nigzar on rosh hashanah that the peleg boys should be thrown in prison. Why protest? If you don’t like it go speak to the boss. Hypocrite.