Gymboree Pulls Dress With Design Resembling Holocaust Symbol


Gymboree has pulled a dress after receiving complaints its “snowflake” design resembled the Star of David Jews were forced to wear on their clothing during the Holocaust.

Sophie Cohen of Owings Mills, Maryland, spotted the dress in question on Thursday on Gymboree’s website, on sale for $26.97.

“This image flashed in my mind of the Jewish star patches that people wore in the Holocaust. I was like, I know this is supposed to be a snowflake, but it isn’t. It’s red. Snowflakes aren’t red! The placement of it didn’t sit right with me. The resemblance!,” Cohen told Newsweek.

She posted a screenshot on Facebook alongside a black-and-white photo of a Jewish family wearing Star of David badges on their chests. She wrote in her post: “I don’t consider myself to be someone who is easily offended but I was looking at the Gymboree website looking for holiday dresses for my kids and ran across this dress. I suddenly got a pit in my stomach. I think this image speaks for itself. #neverforget #notok.”

As of Sunday, the “Buffalo Plaid Dress” was no longer available on Gymboree’s website, according to comments left on Cohen’s Facebook post.

Gymboree had not yet commented.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. a) Since when is a red star a snowflake?
    b) Even if they used something that did resemble a snowflake, what’s the purpose of a snowflake patch on the left side? Is this to symbolize that someone is frigid?

  2. jdf007 – a) It is a snowflake. Look closely
    b) Patch is on left side as that’s where a pocket would be. That’s all.

    I think pulling this product is taking things a bit too far…