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Over 10,000 to Take Dirshu Meseches Brochos Exam

The 13th cycle of daf yomi is well underway as lomdim are in the second half of Meseches Brochos. According to the daily HaMevaser, over 10,000 people will be tested in Dirshu’s first exam of this cycle. On erev shabbos, they will arrive IY”H at the Dirshu centers and the testing will get underway.

Marking the significant increase in the number of participants, gedolei yisrael are expected to appear at some of the Dirshu centers to give a chizuk to the participants in the learning.

Dirshu officials have grown accustomed to the increasing numbers baruch Hashem, the growing interest in participating, but never have over 10,000 participants taken part in an exam simultaneously, the report adds.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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