YWN Introduces Weekly Newspaper Delivered To Tens of Thousands of Homes & Available Online!


This Friday morning, tens of thousands of residents in Midwood & Boro Park woke up to find the first ever print edition of Yeshiva World News on their doorsteps. This free newspaper, scheduled to be delivered each Friday, has many features which are not available on our website including breaking news, in depth feature reporting, top political analysis and a children’s section.

If you don’t live in Midwood or Boro Park and you wish to read the paper, you can view it online. Simply Click HERE. If you live in Boro Park or Midwood and would like a free weekly subscription please email your name and address to: subscriptions@theyeshivaworldnews.com

To advertise in our print edition, and for many advertising options, including web / print package deal, please Click HERE for further information.

We hope you will enjoy this latest addition to the YWN Media Group.

Good Shabbos.

– The Editors


  1. When you write Midwood does that mean not Flatbush or is this paper going all over Flatbush too? Why not use names people are most used to?

    Also, what happens if some guy just happens to be uninterested in getting the paper? Is there an opt out phone number to call?

  2. Oh, and the zoom doesn’t let you zoom in big enough. It’s still too hard to read. I need to read it online as I do not live in Midwood.

  3. Ditto. Some of us do not live in either Boro Park or the Midwood part of Flatbush; but would still like a paper like to read. I hate reading lengthy articles on a computer, and do like to shut it down and pick up a newspaper. Call me old fashioned.

    Good ideas about adding features presently in secular papers like sports and business/financial info.

  4. Are you delivering it to all the Pakistani, Mexican, Greek, etc. homes also as does the “other” paper and if yes, are you including those deliveries in the numbers of papers delivered in your numbers?

  5. fineschmecker, you can click on the zoom button up to 9 times, or you could go into full screen mode. If that’s not good enough, you’ll have to wait for the braille version.