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Gilo Residents Wage A Tenacious War Against Erev Shabbos Music

Residents of Jerusalem’s southern Gilo neighborhood complained to police that anonymous persons are “blaring music” shortly before Shabbos and it is intolerable. They are referring to the playing of Jewish music before candle lighting, as is customary in many neighborhoods around Israel. However, residents of Gilo interpret this as a first step towards a chareidi takeover of their community and they are unwilling to tolerate it, not even a minute weekly.

In addition to Gilo, residents of Kiryat Yovel during recent weeks have also heard music playing on erev Shabbos. In both neighborhoods, neighbors who oppose the music call it a “religious war” and they vow to end the music at any cost. A Facebook page has already been launched called “The chareidi muezzin in Kiryat Yovel”.

Police responded and detected the location of the loudspeakers, removed them and confiscated them. However, the following week, the music continued. One neighbor is quoted by MyNet saying, “We don’t want the songs, not for a half hour and not even for a half minute”.

Among residents there are also those willing to take the law into their own hands, telling MyNet, “If necessary, the fight will be violent. It is a process of taking over neighborhoods. We do not want this to occur here. If the trend is not halted, we will enter the shul and have a barbeque”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. In the area in which I live they also blare loud Jewish music (?) twice before shabbos lasting each time for 5 minutes. I have complained to the idiot who does this so often and gotten no where. It gives me a headache and I must close all windows and doors and hide until this hideous music has ceased.

    Most people are OK with it and the few that I have talked to who are against it are afraid to say anything since it is ‘anti-frum” to protest noise like this.

    The idiot responsible doesn’t care that the loud speaker is aimed towards my apt since he thinks he can reach a larger distance and he refuses to move it.

    I start shabbos with a lousy taste in my gut each week because of his disgusting music.

  2. I agree with you luckshun kugel 1000%. It has TOTALLY gotten out of hand. This should be outlawed, TOTALLY. What was a 2 minute before “siren” before Hadlokes Neros, it is now an orchestration. We no longer live in a community, we live in a jungle that everyone does what they want. I have been suffering with living next to a school that has decided that the Traditional school bell, scares the children, so they blast from 8:15 AM till 6 PM 4 times an hour different Singers. There is no one to talk too. I told them that this was befitting for Camp, not a community. Yes, this is disgusting! I start every day with a lousy taste in my gut. Total Hefker!!!

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