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Charedim Protest, 30 Arrested Over Fake News Story

Following the arrest of 30 protesters who were protesting on Tuesday afternoon and evening in front of the IDF recruitment office in Jerusalem, the IDF announced that the reason for their protest was ‘fake news.’

A rumor went out in the Charedi Jerusalem community, that the IDF had arrested a Charedi woman who was draft dodging. Following that rumor, Charedim, many from the Peleg faction, began a lengthy protest in front of the IDF recruitment office, which turned violent. However, after things calmed down following the arrest of some 30 protesters, the IDF anounced that no such arrest had been made and that there was no female Charedi draft dodger who was detained.

An IDF spokesperson said: “The IDF refutes the faulty advertised story regarding the arrest of a female Charedi draft dodger. The IDF condemns any and all violence against security forces and wishes to emphasize that no such action will cause the IDF to pause from enlisting those legally bound to serve in the military or other security position, according to Israeli law.”

Hundreds of members of the Edah Charedis spent the majority of the day protesting with the backing of recognized Sephardic Rabbinical figures. This backing came due to the rumors that the IDF had detained a female Charedi draft dodger since yesterday. Something which the IDF says is simply not true.

(YWN Israel Desk –  Jerusalem)

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  1. If they don’t want women arrested chas v’shalom, keep the women who were unlawfully demonstrating and starting up with the police in this week’s hafganot off the streets, as seen of this week’s demonstration’s viral videos! Simply shocking that middle-aged chareidi women who purport to be protecting taharas Yisrael would lower themselves to running into streets and snarling traffic and being physically pushed out of the way- over and over- by male police. For shame.

  2. yoffi:

    So the protesters, who are supposed to be sitting in the beis hamedrash learning but choosing bitul Torah, who demonstrate not a care for another Yid by blocking streets, who are readily violent and disgusting to people they don’t know – they have a חזקת כשרות and should be trusted? Sorry. I understand they have a cause, but they have chosen the שטן approach, not the תורה approach. No respect or tolerance for that.

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