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Tnuva & Strauss Announce Price Hikes

Tnuva and Strauss announced they are raising prices of dairy products, Tnuva up to 4.8% and Strauss up to 5%. Strauss is raising everything, including cottage cheese, which became the symbol of the socioeconomic protests in Israel, while Tnuva prefers to be more cautious, leaving cottage cheese prices along.

The price hikes include the following products: white cheeses (0.5, 3, 5 and 9%)- 2.5%; milk beverages – 4.8%; enriched milk – 3%; yogurts – 4.8%; puddings – 3.5%; packaged yellow cheeses – 4.8%; and salty cheeses – 4.8%.

Tnuva is also raising prices for products of subsidiaries Snowfrost (frozen vegetables), Maadanit (prepared foods), Mama Off (chicken), Olivia (spreads), and Adom Adom (meat). The average price hike for the products is 4.6%: 4% for Maadanit and Snowfrost, and 5% for Adom Adom, Mama Off, and Olivia. Tnuva officials insist the increase in raw materials and energy compels the price hikes.

For Strauss, price hikes, which will come into effect on November 1, include a 5% hike on cheeses, 4% hike on milk drinks, 3.5% hike on Danny and Gemadim puddings, and 3% hike on enriched milk. The price of Milky puddings will stay unchanged.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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