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Important Message From Rockland Hatzolah – For Residents Of All Communities In NY

Rockland Hatzolah has just contacted YWN to please disseminate the following important information, and request that people in all neighborhoods of NY please read it as well.

Not wanting a repeat of a recent incident where the emergency lines to Rockland County Hatzolah were down for a few hours, an emergency backup number was set up to be used during Hurricane Sandny.

Unfortunately, the number was forwarded around to thousands of people, and people from many areas have been testing it all day “just to see’ if it works. It does work, but they are tying up the lines for people who may have a life-threatening emergency.

Please do NOT call Hatzolah unless you have an emergency, and please remember to call your local Hatzolah if needed. Many of the “test calls’ they received today were from people living in NYC, who should not be calling Rockland Hatzolah if they needed assistance in NYC.

The regular Rockland Hatzolah number is 845-425-1600, and the backup number for Rockland Hatolah (ONLY) is 866-425-1600

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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