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3 Injured in False Alarm Incident in Elad

A woman about 50 and two children were injured in Elad on Wednesday 15 Cheshvan 5773, the result of a false alarm when community air raid sirens went off along with sirens in Rosh Ha’ayin, apparently due to a malfunction.

The woman was injured as he ran to a shelter as she believed there was an actual emergency since the sirens were wailing as they do in a real emergency and not the steady tone used for testing. Baruch Hashem her injuries are light. Ichud Hatzalah responded and treated her as well as two girls, former residents of southern Israel, who know when one hears the sirens it is time for immediate action.

While they were not physically injured they were more than shaken up after hearing the sirens in Elad and they required transport to a medical facility for follow-up care.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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