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Lakewood: ‘Recharge!’ Free Supper & Entertainment Event For Those Without Power

Recharge yourselves, recharge your children’s appetites, and recharge your cell phones! There are still thousands of Lakewood residents who do not have power at their houses. The basics we can offer our Lakewood families who are still in the dark are warm meals, working bathrooms, a place to charge their cell phones and devices, and a chance to get out of their dark houses and enjoy themselves.

Therefore, the thousands of Lakewood families who still are suffering without power are invited to take part in a Chesed of Lakewood “Recharge!” event this evening. A delicious fleishig buffet supper catered by Greenwald Caterers will be available for all those who attend free of charge. Childrens’ entertainment will be provided as well.

There will be a tremendous amount of food, drinks, and snacks for the children, with no shortages! Both family and separate seating will be available. The event will take place at Lake Terrace Hall from 4:00 PM until midnight. Any family without power is invited to attend.

Don’t stay home in the cold and dark. If your home is still out of power, please feel welcome to join the “Recharge!” event tonight.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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    It is wonderful that the Lakewood Kehilla are helping all
    the people who are in need of food and heating to come in to get something hot and nutritious to eat and to be warm for at least tonight.

    There are 100’s of frum families in Passaic, NJ, whom are without fresh food, heating and electricity. The main kosher shop, Kosher Konnection gave away all the perishable and frozen food away before it spoilt. The kosher bakery has B’H a generator and was able to make necessary bread and challos. There are no deliveries of course and gasoline is being rationed, like everywhere.

    If there is anyone reading this and has any clout, with caterers or heimishe takeaways that can come up with an idea to help the heimishe kehilla to eat warm food, perhaps in shul halls being hooked up with generators or whatever, PLEASE HELP!!!!! Hatzolah is working from one person’s home, who managed to get the last generator, to hook up the phone system, to help the kehilla, BUT, gasoline is needed daily to keep the generator going.

    We must all daven for all our brothers and sisters everywhere that H’KBH has a lot of Rachmanus, and brings a swift end to this unfortunate tragedy! Omein!

  2. Given the growing frequency of power outages in Lakewood, including the recent winter snowstorms, it would make sense for at least the larger mosdos to install backup generators tied to the natural gas lines rather than relying upon one or two small portable generators that are useless when gasoline supplies are curtailed. In many areas in the western states, just about every shul has a backup generator and I’m surprised they haven’t become more prevalent in Lakewood, BP, willy and Monsey.

  3. Keroscene heaters are very inexpensive and very effective. Home Depot sells them for $130.00 and keroscene can also be purchased there very reasonably. Once full I heard they burn for maybe 5 hours.

  4. for anyone that was looking for heimishe food in Passaic – the main ingredient on main ave has a generator and is offering warmth, power and great food.

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