Deri Woos the Arab Vote


Aryeh Deri, who enjoyed considerable popularity with the Arab sector before breaking from politics over a decade ago, is now working to return to the days of yesteryear.

On Tuesday night the eve of 22 Cheshvan 5773, Deri took part in a Shas election event in Tiveria, appearing without co-leader Eli Yishai. It was Deri’s first address since assuming the co-leadership of the party along with Yishai and Ariel Atias for he did not speak on motzei shabbos when Shas launched its election campaign in a Jerusalem Convention Center event.

During the Tiveria hotel event Deri explained how he plans to look out for the Arabs as well as Jews, a comment that received a round of applause. He spoke of how they live in Israel, a Jewish country, and fall between the cracks and he intends to address this community’s needs as well. “We hope to be able to assist you just as we assist others” Deri explained.

Ynet’s Akiva Novak posits that Deri held the event without Yishai towards sending the subliminal message that he is once again the party leader. While Deri was electioneering, Yishai was meeting with the prime minister to discuss the matter of illegal aliens from Africa entering the country via Sinai.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)