Avi Kehat Releases Commission Free Matching Campaigns on The Chesed Fund Website


Matching campaigns have become an important part of many organizations within the Jewish Community. It generates excitement, involves the entire community, and raises staggering sums of money. Whether it’s volunteers at the call center, donors contributing significant donations, or individuals sharing the campaign page with others. Matching campaigns go well beyond balancing the yearly budget. It cultivates an atmosphere where everybody plays an integral role in the organization for one day.

The Chesed Fund has been involved in thousands of campaigns over the past year. Many organizations around the world have used their fundraising tools on the commission-free platform.

From its inception, TheChesedFund.com has been focused on constructing a user-friendly platform to assist organizations everywhere, so it was only natural for them to expand their platform to include matching campaigns. “These events will generate millions of dollars commission free for Jewish organizations worldwide and just another way at making a difference through a few lines of code” says Avi Kehat, founder of TheChesedFund.com

“Earlier in the week, Aish ran a matching campaign on TheChesedFund.com, Within 24 hours, over 2 million dollars was raised!  And most importantly, aside from the unavoidable credit card processing fees, every dime went directly to Aish!” exclaimed Kehat.

With its multitude of features, campaign formats, and professionalism, The Chesed Fund hopes to work together with many other non-profit organizations in the future.

For more info or to discuss your upcoming matching campaign, sign up below to speak with a fundraising specialist.