Yair Lapid Brings an American Chareidi Onboard


It’s now official and Beit Shemesh political activist Rabbi Dov Lipman is on the Yesh Atid ticket, the new party headed by Yair Lapid.

On his Facebook page Lipman posted a message addressing his decision to officially come onboard the Yesh Atid list, writing “I am proud and excited to share with you that Yair Lapid asked me to join his list for the upcoming 19th Knesset. I of course agreed.

In recent years I have seen and notices problems in our society, including the split between sectors, growing extremism, inequality and injustice. As an educator, I am sorrow to see the direction our education system is taking. As such, I have decided to give it my all towards improving the nation. I have selected the party with a goal to address and try solving these issues.”

Lipman goes on to explain he has met with others on the list in recent weeks and finds the caliber of people to be impressive, people who have devoted their lives to aspects of society including defense and education. He feels that since there are people on the list from different backgrounds it will be beneficial and he is proud to be a member of this team.

“I thank G-d for this opportunity to serve the State of Israel and the Jewish People. I’m giving it my all in the campaign to bring the reality in which we work and fix all the broken pieces closest to my heart, the way to create a reality in which were are one – unified.”

Lipman gained national prominence during last year’s controversy surrounding a girl’s school in Beit Shemesh which became a target for chareidi extremists.

Rabbi Lipman is a graduate of both Yeshivas Ner Yisrael and John Hopkins.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. A) Mr. Lapid is the same anti-religious Torah-hating thug as his father Tommy Lapid was.

    B) Mr. Lipman is not Chareidi. He is daati/mo. And he hates the frum and is attempting to stop the frum people from living in and expanding in Beit Shemesh.

    Lapid and Lipman are a good fit for each other after Lipman had a falling out with Amsallem, another Torah hating Israeli politician.

  2. Sounds like an interesting combo.
    Unfortunitly we have seen throughout the years that individuals have close to zero power in any party. There are no checks or balances or any true representation.

  3. Secular Israelis (including such as Lapid’s father) see things like Europeans. They favor “Freedom from religion”, see secularism as a serious social goal, and religion primarily as a tool for the government to help control the people. Given these views, they oppose autonomy for religious groups, and rather than value the rights of individiuals (secular or religious), see things totally in terms of what policies the government will impose.

    Americans favor “Freedom of religion”. Americans are religious but don’t want the government controlling religion, and value letting people do their “own thing.” It’s an environment that has favored the Torah world since our “own thing” is quite radical by most other standards.

    If Lipman can steer Lapid into an American style view of supporting freedom of religion, it would be quite radical, and extremely unIsraeli. Indeed, it would be revolutionary that it verges on fantasy.

  4. If anyone can change the crazy system in Israel it is Charedi-Americans, i.e ‘frum’ but normal and educated. Reb Dov is a good begining. Hatzlacha getting Israel ready for all of us soon…