Bloomberg Shrugs Off House Failure to Vote on Superstorm Sandy Aid


While his fellow elected officials raged against the House of Representatives failure to bring a $60 billion Superstorm Sandy aid package to a vote before adjourning late Tuesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a much milder tone with Congress, saying it wasn’t his job to judge House Speaker John Boehner’s call.

“It’s not for me to second-guess how you run a legislative body,” Bloomberg said Wednesday, the same day when Govs. Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie slammed the failure to vote as a “dereliction of duty.”

“You know, democracy is something that takes a while to come together and to get the results,” Bloomberg continued, adding that he had a long chat with Boehner Wednesday morning, in which the speaker assured him a vote would be taken at some point in January.

“As long as it turns out that we get the monies that we think are appropriate for the federal government to send to a part of the country that’s had a major natural disaster, all’s well that ends well,” he said.