Prominent Hesder Rosh Yeshiva Comes Out Against Bennett


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Prominent Hesder Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Michal Braum Shlita, who heads the Shilo Hesder Yeshiva has come out against Bayit HaYehudi leader Naftali Bennett for aligning himself with Yair Lapid.

In his sharply worded letter, Rav Braum explains “Rabbanei Yisrael are crying and davening over the gezeira and you are among the leaders of the idea”.

The letter was released on Kol Chai Radio, adding, “In the name Bayit Yehudi you took the flag of Yesh Atid and decided to raise it high, particularly regarding the sharing the burden issue. To me it was clear that our party, Bayit Yehudi, was supposed to raise the flag of lomdei Torah higher and higher with the understanding that this is Am Yisrael’s true strength. In actuality, instead of raising the flag you have opted to raise the flag of seeking to draft those who study Torah.”

Rav Braum reminds Bennett that a decade ago, Effie Eitam, who headed the National Religious Party, signed a deal with the Shinui party headed by Tommy Lapid, Yair’s late father; a deal that was against the chareidim. “The result of that move was the closure of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the expulsion from Gush Katif. It is important to emphasize our relationship with the chareidi community is a natural one, for we all realize the tachlis of our lives, limud Torah and the fulfillment of its mitzvos. It is extremely important to emphasize that this connection, and not to align with parties that do not see Torah as the tachlis of our lives.”

In its response, Bayit Yehudi released the following message: There is no doubt that during the coalition negotiations information emerges regarding this and other alliances, including hourly reports. They should not all be taken seriously. The Bayit Yehudi in its coalition talks will cling to Bennett’s words in his first Knesset address, reaffirming his commitment to the Torah world, which he views not exclusively a the chareidi interest, but in the interest of us all, for Klall Yisrael without compromise.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It also appears he has committed the worst crime possible by a politician – he is failing. By driving the hareidim into an alliance with the left (who in terms of economic issues are the natural allies of the hareidim), he may have accomplished a major shift in Israeli politics that leave his party and his platform worse off.

  2. it is abut time their Rabbis stood up for Emes.Well done . Let’s hope more Dati Leumi Rabbis will apply the pressure.

    Beit yehudi response is pretty contradictory. claiming a commitment to Torah but willing to destroy it.

  3. If Rav Braum wanted this letter to get out -then Kudos to him. I think most of the MO/Dati Leumi Rabbis think or believe this. Now that this Rov’s Shitta is out -perhaps other Rabbonim will follow. This guy Bennett is obviously just out for himself -he doesn’t care about the Frum Mizrachi community. I don’t think they would have voted for him -if they knew his real plans.

  4. Too bad we don’t have any Real Jewish party. On Rav Kahane ZTL HYD stood for the uncompromising truth. All of these “religious” parties are only in it for the $ and prestige. Not the complete Torah pathway.

  5. I don’t think Braum’s position is indicative of all the MO/Dati Leumi rabbonim on what is admittedly the most complex political issue that has confronted EY since the founding of the Medinah. The really sad part is how polarized the debate has become and how rabbonim and askanim on both sides have seemingly lost the ability to seek common ground and instead have made engaged in the kind of divisive hyperbole which makes compromise even more remot. The valid concept of “share the burden” has been distorted into a hammer to slam the entire chareidi kehillah while the rabbonim on the chareidi side assert that any form of national service obligation will result in “shutting down all the yeshivos, the destruction of EY, etc. etc.”….Bennett speaks for a large segment of bnai torah and cannot be dismissed

  6. Lapid isn’t just about drafting chareidim, men and women. He’s for all kinds of other things that will hurt Torah, whether by chareidim or dati leumi. And yet BY is still with this guy.

    “I want to do everything in my power to ensure the equality between all movements of Judaism in the state of Israel, Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. In conversions, in budgets, in the eyes of the law. No one can claim ownership over the Jewish God.”-Yair Lapid

  7. Time to combat the pernicious lies once and for all.

    The (Ashkenazi) chareidim have stood on principle while conversely the mizrachi have not had on which to stand.

    After Agudah walked out of Ben Gurion’s govm’t in 1953 they stayed out of every government for the next 24 YEARS.

    They only rejoined when Likud won.
    The only time Gimmel joined a non Likud govm’t was Barak’s govm’t of ’99 and they walked out after two months.
    The only time Gimmel joined a non Likud govm’t was Barak’s govm’t of ’99 and they walked out after two months.
    Likud’s general feeling and respect for judaism even when they themselves were less than observant caused Agudah and later Degel to align with them all the while keeping a distance, critiquing and guiding them.

    As for Mizrachi, well, here’s from wikipedia:

    Formed in 1956, at the time of its dissolution in 2008, it was the second oldest surviving party in the country after Agudat Yisrael, and was part of every government coalition until 1992. Traditionally a practical centrist party, in its later years it drifted to the right, becoming increasingly associated with Israeli settlers, and towards the end of its existence was part of a political alliance with the strongly right-wing National Union.

    Unlike the Haredi parties – Shas and United Torah Judaism – the NRP did not promote the notion of Medinat Halacha (Halachic state), according to Jewish law. The party wanted to retain Israel’s democratic character while improving the Israeli people..
    They called this principle Ahavat Israel אהבת ישראל (“Love of Israel”).

  8. Rabbi Braum is welcome to join the chareidi parties with his views….the parties who sell themselves ot the highest bidder and could not care less about Am yisroel. the parties who suck the public purse dry and do not contribute to the general welfare of the jews in israel, the parties who hide behind the brave soldiers who protect them in their Bet midrash..Rabbi Braum is welcome to them…