Massive Yom Tefillah Scheduled For Sunday Has Been Cancelled


cancelThis past Sunday, YWN was the first to bring you the details about a massive Yom Tefillah being scheduled due to the recent developments in Eretz Yisroel.

Now, sources tell YWN that the Yom Tefillah which was being scheduled for this coming Sunday in Lower Manhattan, has been cancelled.

Ads which were scheduled to go into the newspapers have been pulled, and a Kol Koreh with signatures of Rabbonim will not be released.

Some speculate that the reason for cancellation was because of the Boston terror attack, but our highly credible sources in Eretz Yisroel confirm to YWN that Maran Hagon Harav Aharon Leib Shteinman Shlita was against it.

Still, there are others who tell YWN that there was a strong difference of opinion among Gedolim in America if Satmar should be allowed to participate – in light of the recent comments made by the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, that the drafting of Yeshiv Bochrim to the army is worse than the Holocaust.

As previously reported, Gedolim in America would like to create awareness among Frum Yidden in America about the unfolding situation in Eretz Yisroel, where most of the funding for Mosdos Hatorah will be cut by the Government, as well as the possibility of Yeshiva Bochrim being drafted to the Army.

Final confirmation on the cancellation will be forthcoming.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. Baruch Hashem.
    When Torah Jews rally against Israel, the global ramifications are worse than can be imagined. If its awareness, our papers, blogs, shuls and yeshivos are doing a mighty fine job in giving over the information.

  2. All I can say is thank G-d. This would have been a tremendous chillul Hashem. Why must we constantly wash our dirty laundry in public? Does the,world need to see that Jews don’t get along?

  3. The only problem was that the city had previously granted another permit to a movie studio filming in that area this Sunday, that was scheduled long ago. So the Agudah will reschedule it for a different Sunday.

  4. Hey Chachom, how’d u know that piece of INFO???
    So why couldnt it be a few blocks to the east, west, north or south of the filming??? Don’t believe this rally will be happening..

  5. How often does YWN have the opportunity to say they were the first to bring details about anything?
    They finally do thanks to a highly reliable source in Israel.

  6. Well I’m just glad to hear that they ask Rav Shtienman before they do things of such magnitude. This has potential to cause a huge chillul Hashem.

  7. At least we are not having another Internet Asifah. The Internet Asifah stunk and the only good speakers were rabbis Wachsman and Salomon. Rabbi salmon said the whole point of the Internet Asifah was that people should get filters for their computers.

  8. I know messages from Rebbes tend to get twisted and re worded, but IF that comment about comparing the draft to the Hiolocaust was really said by the Satmer Rebbe, then I have lost ALL kavod for him and for anyone in KJ who agrees with him.

  9. The fact that Satmar was invited belies the whole claim that the issue of drafting yeshiva boys is about their exemption from the army due to their devotion to Torah.It is simply a case of Us vs Them , anti Zionism. Period.
    All the sanctimonious arguements about how yeshiva students are as important to the protection if Israel as is the IDF is now exposed as bogus for those who could not figure that out before.

  10. The Satmar Rebbe Shlita said it’s worse then Gezyros Shmad, as the talmud says “גדול המחטיאו יותר מן ההורגו”. i was present, and there was no mention or reference to Holocaust at all. We have to be very careful when questioning our gedolim, as that may lead us to the worse as rashi says;

    ויקרא כ”ו,פירוש רש”י לפרשת בחוקותי
    להפרכם את בריתי: כופר בעיקר הרי שבע עבירות, הראשונה גוררת השניה, וכן עד השביעית ואלו הן לא למד, ולא עשה, מואס באחרים העושים, שונא את החכמים, מונע את האחרים, כופר במצות, כופר בעיקר

  11. As I wrote on previous post , read chaim shaulsons blog regarding this prayer

    Its all politcal, no kovad shamyim involved, its simple why rav stienman didn’t give his blessings