Deputy Foreign Minister Elkin Blames Google for Hindering Peace Efforts


googleDeputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin blames Google for hindering peace efforts between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority) by recognizing Palestine recently instead of continue to refer to the PA (Palestinian Authority) as “Palestinian territories”, as was reported earlier by YWN-ISRAEL.

Elkin explains that for as long as the PA continues to make advances in the diplomatic front by acting unilaterally, there is no reason to return to the talks with Israel.

The deputy minister sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page, in which he explained that Google’s decision will not serve ongoing efforts to bring the PA and Israel closer together. He points out that involving the international community in local politics doesn’t serve to advance the interests of either party.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Let’s see, the Israelis maintain the hareidim really control Israel and are the cause of all of Israel’s domestic problems.

    It seems they believe the Google runs the world, and is the cause of Israel’s external problems.

    Maybe the people running Israel are the cause of Israel’s problems.