MK Gafne Receives Mail Death Threat


gafneMK (Yahadut Hatorah) Moshe Gafne received a threatening letter with a photo of a handgun.

“If you do not permit Women of the Wall to pray at the Kosel in line with our custom we will fight you with all means available and you will be return home with 100 chareidi bodies. Your end is near! Smelly disgusting parasite dossim” reads the letter.

Signed “We will no longer exercise restraint, The liberators of the Kosel anew”.

The latest letter surrounding the Women of the Wall at the Kosel arrived on Wednesday morning 27 Sivan 5773 in the Knesset Members office. Gafne told the press that of late, every aspect of the chareidi tzibur’s life is under attack and something must be done before there something happens that everyone regrets chas v’sholom. Gafne’s office released a statement that “We will not be deterred by threats. This is not a matter of ideology but rather to protect the last remnants of the Beis HaMikdash.”

Knesset security officials and Israel Police are investigating.

Earlier this week, a similar letter was sent to the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Yonah Metzger and Rabbi Shlomo Amar.

The Women of the Wall organization released a statement to the media condemning the threat.

The Women of the Wall plan to hold their monthly Rosh Chodesh prayer event this Sunday, 1 Tammuz 5773, at 7:00am. Thousands of avreichim are planning to attend towards showing overwhelming objection to their presence.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photo: Kikar Shabbat)