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Jerusalem Youth in Custody for Asking For Asking Rabbi If Shooting ‘Women Of Wall’ OK

mishtA Jerusalem yeshiva student is in custody Thursday night, 28 Sivan 5773 after sending in a question to a rav affiliated with the dati leumi Kippa website. The yeshiva student asked if one is permitted to shoot at the Women of the Wall when they arrive at the Kosel.

Needless to say the rav responded, explaining such an act is prohibited by Halacha in every sense of the word.

Police apprehended the youth during an annual school trip in Beit Shemesh. He told interrogators that he simply asked and never had any intention of shooting anyone.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

11 Responses

  1. What if he asked:

    May one shoot a military policeman arresting yeshiva students who refuse to serve in the army?

    May one shoot a military policeman arresting a frum woman who refuses to serve in the army?

    May one shoot a terrorists who has surrendered and is unarmed?

    May one kill a terrorist who could be safely captured alive?

    May one kill an Arab?

    The American legalese phrase is a “slippery slope”, and once a country starts penalize speech (as opposed to actions), you have a serious loss of freedom.

  2. This is just another proof that the dati leumi rabbis are a scam.
    If I was the rabbi I would’ve said, “line em up and mow em down!!”

  3. akuperma – 30 years ago I would have agreed with you, but times are different. We live in times where a Gadol B’Yisrael can (and did) get killed; in a time in which there is a fine line between words and actions. Thus, we have to take peoples words more seriously and act upon it. What would you say if this guy went out this coming Sunday and killed one of those foolish women? Hindsight is 20/20. The response of the Rav and police was definitely in order here. Whether this youth should be charged remains to be determined on whether he wrote it in jest or in all seriousness. Regardless, this is no laughing matter and certainly does not help our cause to fight these shameful women.

  4. The response from R Boruch Efrati was even stronger than just saying its assur. He said that the person has to do teshuva for even having such a hava amina.

  5. These types of extremists who get violent or threaten violence really sicken me. You want to be extreme? Go fast for a week, or do gilgul sheleg or some other crazy sigufim. Don’t try to kill people for being retarded and misguided.

  6. If political speech can be criminalized, there is no freedom. If a Rav says that drafting women is “ye-harag v’al yavor”– should he be arrested?

    What is someone says that driving on Shabbos or eating a cheeseburger results in you being cut off from the Jewish people?

    Free speech is in the interest of a minority group, since the majority group doesn’t need protection for their ideas. And Shomrei Mitsvos are an often persecuted minority, and a high level of freedom and civil rights are our most firm protection.

  7. #3 Thank G-d you are not a Rabbi. Show me ONE Chareidi Rov that would tell the teen that shooting the WoW is ok. You have to be sick to even think of that. Also, I believe the teen is Chareidi, not Dati Leumi and to call their Rabbi’s a scam is a sad commentary to your mentality.

  8. Barry,

    Where do you get your info regarding the boy?

    The question was asked to a Rav on a site frequented and staffed by Dati Leumi.

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