VIDEO & AUDIO: Speakers At Satmar Protest Decry ‘Evil Regime’; Declare War At ‘Enemies of Religion’



In an audio obtained by YWN, The Satmar Rebbe (KJ) told his followers last week that out of respect for the various communities who are to participate at the anti-draft protest Sunday, Satmar has agreed to compromise in muting anti-Zionist rhetoric at the protest. “I want to ask all of our followers to belt themselves with patience and comprehension,” the Rebbe said.

Representatives of Satmar and the CRC also claimed, Saturday night, on the Zev Brenner Show that the protest is strictly limited to the issue of Haredi Draft.

However, during the protest attended by 25,000 people, mostly of the Satmar sect, anti-Zionist rhetoric was the theme in secondary to the initial purpose of the protest – which was to protest the Israeli government’s initiative to draft Yeshiva students in the army at the age of 21. The speakers compared the ‘Zionist regime’ as the equivalent of ‘Amalek, calling it the regime of evil.

“For over sixty years the regime in our holy land is blaspheming the name of God,” one of the speakers screamed from the podium. “They are not in need of Haredi boys to serve. The purpose is to put our boys through a ‘melting furnace’ to assimilate them.”

“We are not new to protesting against Israel but this decree is worse than before. They are trying to convert the voice of Jacob to the sword of Esau,” said Rabbi Berl Katz of Dushinky Shul in Williamsburg.

“The very existence of the state is a rebellion against God,” declared Rabbi Nachman Stauber. “The [IDF] army was founded on murder and blood spilling.” he also called out Finance minister Yair Lapid as a “Rasha ben Rasha (Evil the son of Evil).”

In the closing remarks, Rabbi Yaakov Weiss, principle of Satmar yeshiva in KJ, declared: “Hear, O’ Israel. We are close today in a war against the enemies of religion. Today’s protest is not ending tonight. Today’s protest is only the start of an outright war against our enemies, the haters of religion.”


Audio of some of the remarks at the protest:

h/t Yosef Rapaport for some of the quotes

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Listening to Teitelbaum and Weiss rant about their hatred of EY and then seek to cloak their comments aa a principled defense of their religious beliefs is beyond hypocritical. This demonstration was a full throated hatefest against everything related to the medinah and its efforts to craft some form of compromise on the issue of national service. The Satmar brother can’t agree on anything beyond their hatred of the tzionists and efforts to destroy the medinah. Yesterday’s demonstration was a reminder that the NK are not the only Amalek in our midst…..they are also the Satmar…

  2. All of these anti-Zionist remarks by the Satmar speakers being quoted in this article are essentially no different than the anti-Zionist droshos or conversations you frequently hear from the Litvish Roshei Yeshivos of South Fallsburg, Chaim Berlin and the other Litvish mosdos and R”Y represented at yesterday’s anti-draft protest.

    So it is no big deal and nothing new. They are all, essentially, in agreement with what was publicly stated.

  3. #3

    all the roshei yeshvos- even the ones not at the rally agree with what was being said, and so do i.

    we are all in agreement that the government of israel is anti torah and that the state of israel is a bad idea rav shteinman and all our gedloim are in agreement. they dont agree however about stating it in a public domain.

  4. #3 Don’t know which yeshivos you attended or do attend or allow your boys to attend.

    NEVER heard anything like this from any Rebbeim in Torah Vodas, Chaim Berlin, Chofetz Chaim, Ner Yisroel, YU, Lakewood, Share Hatorah, Telshe (Chicago or Cleveland), Staten Island, Scranton, Waterbury, any 5 town Yeshiva, YTJ, etc. This is blasphemy, Williamsburg RHETORIC and screams from a yachid point of view. Get the info straight and understood.

  5. “an audio obtained by YWN” WOW! Really?! How were you able to obtained it ?

    Wasn’t it “hidden” by Satmer and placed on the CD and tape shelvs/racks in every Satmer Shuls !!

    How brazen you must have been, to sneak into any Satmer shul and “obtain” it!!

  6. Why is everyone missing the main point?

    1. Defense Minister Moshe “Boogie” Ayalon, who is a former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), has clearly stated his objection—in an Israeli Government Cabinet meeting—to the forced induction of yeshiva students.

    He told the Cabinet that, as the top military expert in the room, it is his professional opinion, that there is no national emergency that justifies this kind of draconian legislation.

    He recommended that other voluntary programs be considered for the integration of hareidim into secular society, without violently tearing them away from their religious roots and triggering a civil war.

    So, if that is the military reality, why the sudden urgency to pass this shameful new law?

    I think it’s obvious. As Rabbi Chaim Cohen wrote, in his guest editorial in the Hamodia newspaper, the secular politicians are fearful that the Hareidim are increasing in numbers and they will take power in the Knesset. Therefore, they are desperate to secularize the hareidim and bring them into the secular mainstream.

    This is simply a case of “Kefiya Datis” in reverse—forcing religious Jews to distance themselves from their heritage.

    The first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, laid down the policy. He said that the IDF would serve as the “Bais Yotzer haUma”—the crucible that would unite all the disparate immigrants from all over the world into one Hebrew secular nation. That’s why he insisted that nor only men, but also women serve in the military.

    The Yeshiva world has survived 2,000 years of Galus and oppression, and we will survive this test also.

  7. There are and have always been issues in Eretz Yisroel as well as the IDF, but without the IDF we would be destroyed. You all can explain to me how teffilah, learning, and your wives saying tehillim by the Shabbos candles is all we need, but to me its nonsense. Those mitzvos are truly beautiful, but to say that is all we need to survive is absurd. We need a combination of our own efforts (physical army) and our learning efforts. If you don’t like E’Y and the IDF (not fall in love with the IDF, but recognize its important for survival) then go ahead and make yourself home in Russia, Germany, Cuba, and North Korea.

  8. i think they should go to army and lean some thing good,
    there are a lot of good jobs out there, and the army will train them for “FREE”, they also get paid not much it is better then looking in to your hands,for a hand me out, it is better then roaming the streets and doing noting it is a long day if you dont learn a word

  9. #7: I attended a major Litvish Yeshiva mentioned here, and whose R”Y was at the protest, as well have been to many other major Litvish Yeshivos, and this is standard talk about Zionism by the Rebbein and Roshei HaYeshivos.

    #6: Satmar refuses money from the Israeli government. So does Brisk and many others.

  10. I’m certain that most of us are aware that there are many subjects that are, by and large, not spoken about openly within each of our respective communities. This is one of them. We should be honest with ourselves and not argue about it in such a forum, as it is also read by people who use this site as a tool in their efforts to cause dissension amongst frum Yidden. Soon enough, we will all see what the RSO has in mind for us, and the politics will all come to an end.

  11. Ther emperor has no clothing.The people who spoke and thoase who listened and presumably agreed have been exposed for what they are. This was not a demonstration against the IDF and sharing the burden one way or the othjer ( which would have been bad enough) this was an evil venemoud out cry against achainu. You can disagree with the Government, but to compare it to amaklek ( let them return also the money they get from the evil empire) and the IDF to Bnai amalek is a level of ignorance not seen. The next time any of the participants comes to Israel I hope they will not let bnai amalek protect them as they travel to bnai brak, or as they walk to the Kosel( which they can only do because of the IDF, the instumentality of hashem).Was this not Bitul torah; where are the roshei yeashiva to raise their voices against this perversion? The public should be informed of ALL the organizations participating so we can decide to whom we are giving our tzadaka. The next demonstration by satmar/ the neturei Karta,should be In the Golan with the syrian army on the door step, or in Ramalah or facing the gaza strip not not in cozy new york. We as a community are shamed and the laughing stock of our neighbors washing our dirty laundry in public. .

  12. #7 Maybe you should check again. I learnt in some of those yeshivos and thats what my rebbeim conveyed. Guess what? I whole heartedly agree that the tziyonim are reshaim!This is not a satmar thing all the gedolim from the previous generation were anti zionist. They just may have argued how to go about it.

  13. #1 Takes one to know one

    When decrepit sick are mouthing such piousness ..

    As the Novi lamented “The one who calls ‘evil, positive good ;and positive good,evil’ “

  14. YWN deliberately twists the facts, so many of our Gedolim who have nothing to do with Satmar and far away from Satmar hashkafot attended and publicly supported the event. Seems YWN dissagrees with our gedolim

    Here is a partial list from pictures

    Hagaon hagadol Rabbi Kassin Chief Rabbi Syrian Jewish community in the United States
    Hagaon HaRav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, South fallsburg
    Hagaon HaRav Aharon Schechter, Torah Vdaas

    Rebbes and Kehilos
    Spinke BP
    Spink Willi

  15. However HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky’s indecision can be construed,
    he surely stands by his saintly father’s credo that American Jews must actively,publicly oppose and protest the state’s activities.

    For american jews are less constricted and have greater power of deterence than their brothers behind the ‘velvet curtain’

  16. Anyone there who can please educate me.
    Is there on godel (except maybe from Mizrachi movement) the held that the actual establishment and existence of the medina is acceptable?
    To my knowledge ALL heimishe gedolim from chasidish to litvish, from Satmar thru Agudah were with the same view on Zionism, and all agreed that akiras hadas was being done by them. The only machlokes was on how to fight them. There were those who held to join them and be part of the coalition and that way prevent things to happen. and others including but not limiting Satmar held that the only way is to show that we are NOT part of them and we will stand up and fight against anything that is against our religious belief.
    I think we need to respect everyones shita, but not to forget that we all are on one page regarding the etzem establishment. Aderaba, can someone prove me differently from any godal of the last 60 years?

  17. #19 beautiful

    זה לשון קדשו של מרן הקהלת יעקב זצ”ל בקריינא דאיגרתא איגרת רמ”ט: אבל על הרבנים היראים שבחו”ל ועל “כל שומרי התורה” ודאי חובה להרעיש על כל פירצה ופגיעה בתוה”ק כי ממחאות היהדות שבחו”ל עדיין הם מפחדים וכו’ ואולי יזכו ג”כ להגדיר משהו על ידי המחאות, והדברים ארוכים ואין בי כח להאריך, עכ”ל

  18. As WYN will not allow any external link so i’m Copyin from a blog:

    Tens of Thousands of Yidden attended the Atzeres/rally in lower Manhattan, federal Plaza against the drafting of Bnei Hayeshivos to the Israeli Army.

    The Demonstration was organized by Satmar and joined by many other Admorim, Chasidim and Roshei yeshiva as well.

    Attending Litvishe Roshei Yeshiva at the Rally were;
    Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel,
    Rav Aaron Schechter,
    Rav Moshe Shimon shapiro,
    Rav Shmuel Miller,
    Rav Elya chaim Swerldloff,
    Rav Eli Sorotzkin,
    Rav Eli Yagid,
    Rav Lipa Margulies,
    Rav Asher Kalmonovitz,
    Rav Yaakov kokis,
    Rav Shea Krupenia from Lakewood,
    yeshivas Bais hatalmud,
    Rav Shlomo feivel Schustal,
    Rav Menachem Savitz,
    Rav Sholom zimmerman, and their respective Talmidim and yeshivos.

    While many individuals from lakewood went, the Lakewood Yeshiva did not attend, heeding the words of HaRav Aaron Leib Shteinman.

    Some signs held by neturei Karta with messages against Gedolei Yisrael were quickly removed by police.

    An NYPD spokesman Sunday night said there were no arrests associated with the protest. The initially planned march of sack cloths over the Brooklyn Bridge did not take place as was agreed prior to the event with the Litvishe Roshei yeshiva.

    Most of the Speakers stuck to the theme of Giyus bnei hayeshivos, Drafting Yeshiva students to the IDF, they did not call for the destruction of the State or speak against zionizm.

    They mentioned how the army does not really want the yeshiva bochurim to serve rather the intention here is shmad.

    They want to turn the hakol Kol yaakov into Yedei Eisav.

    Today its Giyus bnei hayeshivos and tomorrow they will start with other mitzvos.

    The Chasidishe speakers naturally mentioned from the Satmar rebbe. One speaker stressed that with the Army we wont compromise.

    Speaking to the Media in English Rav Pinchas Jung of Monsey, NY mentioned how throughout history since Matan Torah on har Sinai there has been repeatedly fierce opposition to our way of life and Torah study. We have bravely resisted these attacks, our current crisis is not a new one. Powerful secular groups seek to undermine our flourishing houses of Torah study. We have gathered here to say to the government of Israel to live and let live, to respect religion, to allow those who toil in Torah study day and night and study the sacred message of the Torah. They will never deviate from its laws at all costs. We pray together for the ultimate redemption speedily in are times.

  19. Satmar loves Eretz Yisrael. That is why they want to get rid of the zionists. If you love a patient, you want them to be cancer free which means killing the cancer. Unfortunately, the three oaths preclude taking affirmative action to address the matter at this time.

  20. Some signs held by neturei Karta with messages against Gedolei Yisrael were quickly removed by police.

    The POLICe knew these were messages ANTI- Gedolim, and therefore removed them? I am confused!!!

  21. As I said before, Satmar is the cause for the majority of the troubles Frum people encounter in Eretz Yisroel. They go around intimidating people with their radical agenda, including spitting on women, harrasing women from walking in the street, forcing seperated bus lines and the list goes on. The average secular Israeli doesn’t know the difference between Satmar and mainstream Judiasm and they panic. This is how Yair Lapid became so powerful and how he was able to create the draft bill.
    It’s time for the 99% of Frum people to stand up and say enough is enough! We don’t beleive in your warped and misguided form of Yidishkiet!

  22. You can name all the names you want, I don’t know, but I think the was a grave error, and Satmar’s golden age is behind them. I hold like the alter roov on this. And for all the big names, the Sanhedrin yoshvei lishgas hagozis could also err en mass. For that they had a par he’lem dovor.

  23. The term “זרע עמלק” is not a new one, it is already mentioned by the חפץ חיים זצ”ל, and is further explained by his talmid r’ elchonon wasserman zatzal, that it refers to their leaders

  24. i have never seen such irresponsible reporting in my life!!!!!!!! such distortions!!!!!!!!! of course the ikar was about the draft but you dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that the zionist agenda which the Brisker Rav Chazon Ish R Aron Kotler and Satmar Rov ZTL all saw with clarity will and always was to be oiker daas and destroy torah. its just now coming to light in ways that even the simpleton who refused to see it can see it! wake up and grow up! this was a Kidush Hashem and this misrepresentation is a Chilul Hashem if ever there was one!

  25. The fact remains we all saw Rav Elya Ber Wachfogel, Rav ahron Schechter, Rav Kalminovitz, etc etc and many other Litvish and Chasidishe Gedolei Yisroel shlita standing shoulder to shoulder with the Satmar Rebbes at the rally.

  26. Shalom2010: Don’t generalize! Satmars don’t spit on women, so don’t they harrass women walking on the street. Neturei Karta or the sikrikim is not a fraction of satmar. To be more precise. The old Satmar rebbe, r’ Yoel zt”l called them “machrivei karta” the destructors!!!

  27. 1 “Gadolhadorah” ,

    how about some simple derech eretz from you? I am no chosid but I PROMISE you they are bigger tzadikim than you will ever be. People with no derech eretz to gedolim should get a good frask. A