EREV SHAVUOS DISASTER: Power Outage Melts Everything at “Ice Cream House” in Williamsburg


An overnight power outage caused all of the merchandise at the “Ice Cream House” in Williamsburg to melt.

The loss is estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars. Hundreds of ice cream cakes designed for Shavuos were destroyed.

Con Edison was working since Thursday night to restore power in the area.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I guess if I had a business that depending on continually working freezers I’d invest in a generator. This will be a hard learned lesson for the shop owners but at least their insurance will cover their losses.

  2. Appleface: Do you have any basis to conclude that this outage was the result of negligence by ConEd?? A large percentage of these distribution level outages are the result of third-parties (e.g. a contractor or excavation cutting a line during construction, overheating of an underground transformer vault due to flooding from a blocked stormwater line etc). …and to Ah Yid, if you own this type of business where your inventory is literally melting if the power goes out, obviously you either have a backup emergency generator to power the freezers or carry insurance for exactly this kind of event. Its very rare that any utility will provide compensation for spoiled food resulting from an outage unless there is strong evidence of gross negligence or a per se violation of service standards.

  3. Appleface on next coment I’ll remember that you are an imfarginer. There is competion. They are not monopoly. And your coment is so strange.

  4. Baruch Ha-Shem that melting ice cream is considered a “disaster”. In the not too distant past (based on many yizkor plaques I’ve seen), a Shavuos disaster involve large number of Yidden getting murdered. We should be thankful to live at a time where melting ice cream is all we have to worry about.