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Siyum HaShas Video: Orech Yomeinu: Deerfield Beach, FL

Become a Mesayem Today: “You’ll be able to tell your einiklach!”

Over 100,000 yidden worldwide are expected to celebrate in unison The Siyum of Daf Yomi next year, b’ezras Hashem, under the umbrella of The Agudah.

Each lomeid – past, present and future – is a most valued component of The Siyum and the Daf Yomi revolution. However, perhaps none can appreciate the Daf’s true influence as those who have learned it for the longest period of time.

In the Daf Yomi shiur room at Young Israel of Deerfield Beach, FL, you are immediately struck by the energy. Nearly 100 yidden, primarily retired seniors, listen attentively to every word with visible satisfaction. They are enjoying their golden years in the sunshine state. Yet what motivates them most each day is doing what they’ve done – day-in, day-out – since as far back as the 1970s.

“You’ll be able to tell your einiklach that you finished Shas five times, six times,” says Avrohom Chaim Gutman. “That is a beautiful record to have.” Ha’zorim b’dimah, b’rinah yiktzoru. By completing Shas time and time again, every yid can acquire an enviable breadth in Shas – and all of Torah. “Always start!” advises Avraham Soffer. “People say it is difficult to understand… But if you try, you’re going to make it.”

As the 13th Siyum HaShas approaches, now is the ideal time to join these fortunate neshamos and become a mesayem!

Please visit for information and updates regarding the upcoming Siyum HaShas, or text siyum to 313131. If you would like to join Chavrei HaSiyum or for general inquiries about the Siyum HaShas, email [email protected].

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