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Southern Israeli Residents Consider Turning To The UN

In an act of protest against ongoing attacks involving incendiary balloons launched into southern Israel from Gaza, southern Israeli leaders have announced they are contemplating turning to the United Nations against Hamas, a move sparked by what they call “ongoing Israeli passiveness” in response to the attacks, Tami Steinman of News12 reported. Over 100 fires resulted from the incendiary balloons last week alone in Gaza border communities and adjacent agricultural fields.

The heads of the regional councils of Gaza border communities are angry with Prime Minister/Defense Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who they accuse of abandoning them as the attacks continue and nothing appears to be done to bring an end to the Hamas cross-border terror.

It is added that Hamas has now been sending bombs across the border which are hidden in seemingly innocent items, including Hebrew books and toys, obviously seeking to harm or kill innocent children. The leaders of the area point out the incendiary bombs have become daily occurrences for them, while the nation’s leaders turn a blind eye.

Regarding the situation along the Gaza border, at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, June 30, 2019, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented, “Regarding Gaza, we well understand the plight of the residents of the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip and we are working to ease conditions for them as much as possible. Last week we imposed heavy sanctions on Hamas including halting fuels. If we need to, we will employ much harsher measures. We are taking these actions in consultation with all security elements.

“I am not impressed by the propaganda of so-called experts. Many of them are offering us advice that they themselves would not implement if they were in power. Let us not be confused, they would be the first to criticize us after we set out on a wide-ranging military operation, which we may yet have to do. Therefore, I am guided solely by one thing – the security of the State of Israel”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Netanyahu is a hypocrite. He cries loud and long about security, but the people he cares about are the ones in the settlements. If you live inside the Green Line you don’t count. And the Periphery? Fugeddaboutit. The Likud has sold its soul to Netanyahu, whose only interest is staying in office so he won’t get prosecuted, and they have betrayed the average Israeli. If the Likud wants to stay in power they’d better ditch Bibi and find a leader who knows how to lead the country, not just look to his own personal advantage.

  2. Gen. John J. Pershing was stationed in the Philippines around 1905. He was confronted with Muslim guerrillas who were robbing, killing and looting non-Muslim villages.

    On one occasion, American troops captured some 50 such terrorists. Gen. Pershing ordered that 49 be executed for their crimes and also had their remains washed in pigskin before burial.

    The lone survivor who witnessed the executions was then released and fled to his brothers. When the news of Muslims being buried in pigs’oil was spread—no more terrorist activity.

    Suggest all Jews do more: MTT, MD and MC !!!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

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