Monastery Vandalism Suspect Remains in Jail


jail3The Rishon L’Tzion Magistrate Court on Monday 23 Tammuz 5773 extended the remand of the Bnei Brak resident suspected of the Latrun Monastery attack. While the state requested extending his remand for 12 days, the court extended the remand of the 22-year-old suspect for three days.

The court stated that after reviewing all the evidence presented in the case, the result of the investigation conducted over recent months, there is doubt as to the suspect’s involvement in the case as alleged. The court complied with a request to keep the suspect behind bars, fearing his release would permit him to interfere with the ongoing case. The court acknowledges the report that states the suspect has decided to remain silent, a right protected under law. As such, the court only agreed to extend his remand until 26 Tammuz 5773 at 14:00 since the case against the suspect is far from overwhelming.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. No matter who committd this dastardly crime, it is still a hillul Hshem if it was done by one of us.
    Think ofhow we feel when our religious sites are descecrated by anti-semites.