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Felder: Weiner Should Apologize For Comparing Stop-and-Frisk To The Holocaust

felderEarlier this week we reported that Anthony Weiner had compared the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk practice, if extended, to those of the Nazis in 1938.
“Well, you can have 100% reduction in crime if you stopped everybody. You could have 1938 Germany,” said Mr. Weiner.

State Senator Simcha Felder, who represents the Orthodox communities in South Brooklyn, slammed Weiner’s remarks, according to the Post.

“His comments were shocking and disgraceful . . . [and] he should apologize,” Felder declared. “Anyone who uses the Holocaust frivolously diminishes the tragedy that occurred. Weiner clearly stepped over the line.”

From his part, Mr. Weiner’s campaign yesterday sought to clarify the explosive comments.

“The context of the reference was the argument made by some that stopping innocent citizens was an acceptable cost for public safety,” said Weiner spokeswoman Barbara Morgan. “He clearly was not equating 1938 Nazi Germany to New York City.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. I believe the comparison was to the policy of the German government in the 1930s, and the message is that a government that doesn’t respect basic civil liberties will overtime degrade into monsterous tyranny, and that the first line of defense against such tyranny is to defend basic civil liberties (which, by the way, is a position generally associated with the libertarian (and Tea Party) wing of the Republican party, e.g. Rand Paul, rather than the Democrats of the Big government/Country Club/Wall Street Republicans)

  2. #1 doesn’t understand, or chooses to disregard, the unwritten tenet that civil liberties are only owned by citizens worthy of the categorization. Street punks, thugs, and other sundry miscreants, in other words those stopped and often arrested by stop and frisk policies, are citizens by accident of birth only. To accord civil liberties to vermin bent on stomping all over the civil liberties of others, even others of their own ilk, is a monstrous evil and an insult to society as a whole.

  3. Weiner in addition to be a person who gets a kick out of sending his pictures to strangers, he has a strong connection with the Children of Hitler: Muslim Brotherhood.
    If you bother to read a little history of the Holocaust you find out pretty fast that this group was born out of the Nazi murder machine.
    If he has any shame, which he does not, he will be the last person to talk about this issue.

  4. arizona: If you limited civil rights to reputable citizens, then all a tyrants has to do is redefine you as being something else – and he gets to do the defining. So if you define “reputable citizen” as meaning a white Christian of British ancestry, most readers of YWN are thereby redefined as unworthy of civil rights. In societies where secular Jews dominate (“bi-coastal America, Israel, etc.), being hareidi defines you as one whose civil rights can be trampled on. You may thing some kid is a street punk or sundry miscreant because he looks “wrong” and dresses “funny” — but some very reputable people may some day think that you don’t look right and dress funny – and are unworthy of rights. If you don’t believe, just ask any Jew from Germany who was considered a reputable citizen in 1925, and an unworthy miscreant in 1935 (and if he wasn’t out of the country in time, probably a corpse by 1945).

  5. I would like to see Felders comments after he is stopped and frisked. I believe it may be an important crime fighting technique, but it’s extremely degrading for the person going through the process. I would ask anyone before commenting to think how he would react should it be done to him.

    BTW I believe felder too would say anything that may win him some political points

  6. Its no suprise that Mr. Felder is supporting Ms. Quinn. His former boss in the council helped Simcha overturn the citizen voted, TERM LIMITS!

  7. Actually Weiner is not stupid he is crafty pandering to the crowd before whom he appears. He wouldnt dare make that staement before a Jewish group. By the way what does he know about what occurred to make this comparison. he is not jewish( his mother is Italian) and is married to an Arab . Simcha is right to take him to task and one would hope that our other elected deomocrat officials would join in. On the merits of course he is dead wrong.The stop and frisk policy will prevent punks from carrying guns with impunity and perhaps stop the carnage in the very community before whom he pandered. In Chicago there was a blood fest 11 blacks killed by blacks. who then will benefit from getting guns off the streets by the stop and frisk?

  8. Weiner is not stupid and is not giukty of stupidity, but of pandering to eacg group of voters individually. For us he throws around a few Yiddish words while for others he compares stop and frisk to Germany’s actions.

    At least he’s not sending indecent pictures of himself during his campaign

  9. I don’t think Weiner should have to apologize for anything. Plenty of posters on this very website downplay the millions that were murdered in the Holocaust by making comparisons to the Israeli government.

  10. #1 Akuperma manages to defend both Anthony Weiner for his highly offensive statement, and the anti-Israel Senator Rand Paul, all in one comment. It is an interesting theological question as to how someone who is so fundamentally wrong could have been gifted with such creative talent.

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