Bennett: Talk of Returning to Pre-’67 Borders a Non-Starter


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bennBayit Yehudi party leader Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday responded to a Reuters report pertaining to efforts to restart negotiations between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority).

According to Reuters, a government source informed US Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel is willing to discuss returning to the pre-1967 boundaries in peace negotiations with the PA (Palestinian Authority).

When the news report was released on Thursday, 11 Menachem Av 5774, a statement followed from the Prime Minister’s Office denying any such possibility.

Following the PMO’s denial, Bennett released a statement that his party will not remain in any government that discusses a return to the boundaries that existed in Israel prior to the June1967 Six Day War, not even for a moment. Bennett added “Jerusalem is our capital forever and it will never be subject to negotiations.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why do we always talk about yarushalayim as a breaking point we all know giving land always brings more terror, any land should be off-limits not just pre 67.
    I have also seen reports that they are planning on releasing 350 terrorists for good will

  2. I don’t think Lapid agrees with Bennett on this. While the Hareidim would probably support Bennett within the government (while supporting the decision of the government in the Kenesset), Bennett kicked the hareidim out of the government. One should also note that if forced to find new allies over the conscription crisis which Bennett set off, the hareidi parties might have to trade support for territorial concessions in order to block conscription or other measures against their community.

    The reality is that as long as Likud insists that the Arabs agree to the permanent existence of a Jewish state as a precondition for any settlement, Bennett has nothing to worry about – since Israel’s existence, rather than boundaries, are what cause the Arabs to support ongoing warfare.

  3. Bennett has no problem sitting in a government that is out to destroy Torah and Yiddishkeit.
    However, the Rebono Shel Olam is not quite pleased with that. In order for Torah and Yiddishkeit to continue flouring in the Holy Land and get Bennett out of this cruel government, He sends goyim to discuss pre-1967 boundaries. Now isn’t Hashem great and awesome?

  4. Hope he does leave the government right away over this issue. Enough is enough of the ridiculous goodwill gestures, letting out murderers who then kill more Jews, and enough playing to the tune of the EU and AMERICA who are all ready to bury the Jewish country.

  5. To akuperman:
    One should shudder when hearing your statement that charedim would support territorial concessions to protect their community. While in the past one could excuse such a position as being naive, history has shown that the cost of territorial concession is jewish bloodshed. Maybe i’m being naive but i cannot imagine charedi leaders choosing such a path.

  6. Bennet didn’t kick Hareidim out of the government, they were not interested in Bayit Yehudi and wanted them out of the government. That was particularly SHAS point of view.

  7. #7 As distressing as akuperman thoughts are, UTJ & SHAS will vote for another disengagement if it fits their needs. Lessons in history were not learned.

    PROBLEM: many UTJ & SHAS voters are beyond the green line too.