Israel: 9,000 Children Get Criminal Records Annually


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mishtaraIsrael Police Chief Yochanan Danino reports that violence among the nation’s young increases dramatically each year, with criminal records opened against 9,000 youths annually. He warns this trend must sound an alarm for it is a real threat to the nation.

The police chief expressed his fears, citing the culture that has become associated with a night out, partying and social events too often leading to law-breaking and violence among the young. He points out that alcohol and substance abuse are major contributory factors.

Danino explains the department works to bring in young volunteers towards bringing them back to a normative lifestyle and last year, 1,080 youths were involved in such programs. The police chief calls on community leaders to regard these numbers with the utmost seriousness and act accordingly.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “9000” is a meaning less number. What are the breakdown for the various crimes. 9000 also includes are cousins who learn the skill of home burglary and auto thefts at a young age.

    #1 your fooling yourself if you think the charadim don’t have “at risk kids”. In fact Charadim “at risk kids” have it worse because they are usually thrown out of their homes and left to survive on their own with a 6th grade education.

    The Dati Leumi community also has its share of “at risk kids” including a higher percentage of kids who family were thrown out of their homes in Aza and are still financially and emotionally troubled.