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Piron Opts Out of Chareidi Kenos of Educators following Threats

pironEducation Minister (Yesh Atid) Shai Piron has canceled his planned participation in a kenos of school directors that will take place this week in Bnei Brak. The kenos is an annual event, intended to improve dialogue and working relations between schools, chareidi mosdos categorized and ‘recognized’ by the ministry while not officially part of the state system. These schools maintain their chareidi character but receive state funding. Piron’s office received information that the minister’s presence at the conference would result in disturbances as askanim running the show have decided the minister is persona non grata.

The minister’s staff released a message accusing askanim of using the children of the schools as pawns to advance their agenda. The minister’s staff added that for Piron, the good of the children and the schools remains his priority and as such, he will not attend the conference in light of the hostile atmosphere.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. #1 Where did you pick up the words “death threats”? Not even between lines. Typical anti-charedi rant.

    For your information, “threats” can mean giving a good piece of mind too and he deserves it well.

  2. Where in this article did you see any referance of “DEATH” threats ?? It just said threats, you decided it means death ??!!!?? You want an excuse to hate on them.

  3. woe, wait a minute, who said anything about death threats? they said there would be disturbances, that’s all. now, one can argue if that is correct or not, but it is quite a jump to go from disturbances to death threats.

  4. #1 – “death threats”? where did it even hint in this article about death threats. it’s simply amazing how you read and understand what you want….with people like you, it is truly no wonder that people don’t love us !!!!

  5. #1

    ‘And then people complain, “Why don’t you love us”?’

    chareidim are too mature to wish for or expect love.

    Their desires are less anthropomorphic and more global and loftier

    p.s.first of course insinuate…
    Oh, where is there even a single implication of death threats?

  6. #1: Death threats? No mention of “death” threats in the article anywhere. Threats of disruption yes — and that still won’t be very helpful. But that’s a far cry from what you suggest. Read carefully…

  7. Ah..Piron

    The guy was getting paid $145,000(pocket change) annually from ’07 by the New Israel Fund to develop and feed the media stories
    ridiculing and damaging chareidim

    The ‘anti zionist’ New Israel Fund was paying ‘zionist’Piron
    to wound the ‘anti zionist’ chareidim

  8. Maybe there death threats. Maybe it was just the threat of violence. Does it really matter? Not a single person condemned the threats. The closest to it was #9 “not helpful”. Not helpful? Yeah, like Stalin and Hitler (yemach shemam) were “not helpful”.

    Do you people even realize how far removed from reality you are???? I doubt it.

    Did anyone here condemn Rabbi Cohen’s statement of calling Kippa Seruga wearers “Amalek”? Anyone?

    And BTW, #11, I’m Orthodox. You don’t know me at all. Typical Chareidi elitist nonsense.

  9. #1/12: You keep reading what you want to see, not what the article actually says. There were no “death threats” and not even “threats of violence”. So what exactly do you want folks to “condemn”? Possible “disturbances”? Really? “Disturbances”? Someone may decide to heckle for a few minutes till they’re evicted from the room? That is what you are all worked up over? That’s every day life in the Knesset! And that behavior you equate with the behavior of Stalin and Hitler?!!! Aren’t YOU “far removed from reality” here? Your extreme, over the top statements do not contribute to a rational discussion…

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